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2013 Wardrobe

Wardrobe Teaser

Most of my stuff is left at home; since I was driving to school myself for the first time, I couldn't overload the car. I pulled my favorite pieces and my basics, plus the few things I picked up recently. I also came into possession of a replica Silent Moon OP which I sold to a friend due to my complete inability to suit it.

Onto the dresses!
Glass BottlesMisty Grace
Angelic Pretty's Glass Bottles of Tears; Dear Margaret (formerly Apricot)'s Misty Grace.

Scent of Rapunzel
Alice and the Pirates' Scent of Rapunzel. My first dream dress, acquired after my last wardrobe post. This JSK is my baby, I swear. Though this was case one of my dress form being too wide. I couldn't get the JSK on it for anything, and I wasn't going to kill my favorite dress for this, haha.

LPBack detail
Baby the Stars Shine Bright's 2010/11 winter LP JSK. I love the back detail to bits.

Antique ClockTwinkle Journey
Bodyline Antique Clock; Twinkle Journey replica. Cases two and three of my dress form being fat. At my measurements. I don't understand how I'm smaller than it when it's opened to my size?

Pony CutsewOffbrandBtSSB
Handmade by a friend pony cutsew; Offbrand; Baby the Stars Shine Bright 2010/2011 winter LP blouse. I love the neck tie!

Crown Embroidery CardiganOffbrand Fur-collar Cardigan
Bodyline Crown Embroidery Cardigan; Offbrand faux-fur collar cardigan.

All of my "lolita" socks plus an exorbitant pile of textured black tights, white tights, corsets, and plain socks. If you wish to know a particular brand, please let me know! They include Innocent World, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Secret Shop, Fanplusfriend, and offbrand. Not pictured: Chantilly Diamond socks in gold/white.
Shoes include Bodyline brown boots, Offbrand (Jellypop) classic heels, An*Tai*Na tea parties, Bodyline mary janes, and on the way is a pair of Secret Shop pink tea parties for a particular con outfit.

Dark/Sax AccessoriesWhite/Pink Accessories
The accessories I use most often, include Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Bodyline, handmade by me, and handmade by others.

My jewelry box :) It plays the theme from "Love Story" when you open the ring drawer below the cabinet.

Book Pouchette
Innocent World Book Pouchette. My favorite accessory to date.

I apologize for the grainy photos, normally my camera is decent in daylight, but try getting real daylight into a college dorm room and see how that goes.
Tags: *alice and the pirates, *angelic pretty, *apricot/dear margaret, *baby the stars shine bright, *bodyline, *chantilly, *fanplusfriend, *handmade, *innocent world, *oo jia, community: wardrobe post
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