nomuzik_nolive (nomuzik_nolive) wrote in egl,

Some new jewelry items from BitterSweet - a bit vintage and fantasy related.

Hello all! Just dropping by with a something new - school doesn't leave much free time, but I still have something new to show around.
So, this was clearly inspired by the new "Hobbit" movie - I've been a long-time book fan and the movie really poured some new love and adoration into me. So, a Hobbit Hole Door ring, or brooch - I'm planning to where one with some earthly tone dolly or mori, but it's really nice for classic lolitas.

Colorful dragon egg rings! Also movie triggered idea, though I had it floating for some time. My fave is the peacock green one.

Well, this is not fantasy, but also journey related - cute vintage suitcases as rings. I could actually play with the designs alot, but, as with most new items, I first try out the acceptance of the general idea.

Tags: crafts: photos, garment: accessories

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