random pedestrian (fubuchama) wrote in egl,
random pedestrian

IW Standing Collar Tartan Check OP Sizing Question

Hello, everyone.

Lately I've been thinking to start saving to buy IW's Standing Collar Tartan Check OP in Brown (Size L).

I have no experience with IW's non shirred OPs. The lolibrary page said the measurements will be 78 cm waist max, and 101 cm bust max. My own measurements are 74 cm waist and 95 cm bust. If the measurements are correct I thought I should be able to fit, but I heard some of IW's OPs run much smaller than the listed measurements. I'm just making sure.

If any of you own the OP or have any of IW's non shirred OP, please share your information as well. And while we're at it, how much does this dress usually sell? Any information will be appreciated. Thank you for reading! :)
Tags: *innocent world, garment: dresses, request: information

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