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Neuro Nogami

Quick Question Regarding Sizing

I made sure to check the memories and use the search function before I decided to post this. I would like to start off by saying I'm a plus sized lolita, and I struggle to find fitting pieces due to my odd measurements.

I also would like to point out, I do have a corset and some shapewear to take a few inches off, but not a lot =/.

I am interested mainly in BTSSB and AatP, but am open to any brand, even indie that would fit me. I literally have measurements for anything that could ever be asked, but I will only include basics.

Bust is 53 inches, 134.62 cm
I usually do two measurements for my waist, the first, around the widest part, and the second, at the narrowest part.

Waist [widest] 134.62 cm
Waist [Narrowest] 44 inches/111.76 cm
Hips 55 in/139.7cm

I worry about my arms being too wide, as even normal shirts I get tend to not fit properly in the arms, so I measured the widest parts

Right [13.5/34.29 cm upper arm]
Left [14.5/31.95 cm upper arm]

my wrists are equally 6.5 inches/16.51 cm

For footwear and socks/stockings

Right: 8.75 inch
Left: 8.2 inch

Right: 4 inch
Left: 3.75 inch

I also have huge calves [18.5 in and 17.5 in respectively]. I've been on a diet lately, in addition to the shapewear/corset and excercising, so I'm hoping to lose weight so these measurements go down. But I'm just curious. Is it hopeless to find a brand outfit to fit me, or are there some out there?

My other question is in regards to the maximum measurements of AatP's This is my Blood OP, and Poison de lamour Princess JSK? I'd like something to work towards as a goal, and they are two of my favorite dresses.
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