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Sugarkit's Sweet Wardrobe

I've finally received all the pieces I was currently waiting for in the mail, so after a long day of pulling my entire closet out of it's place, I've gotten all the photos for my wardrobe. I hope you enjoy!

First up is a shot of my closet, it's basically filled with lolita except a few items in the very back. Up top are hats. boxes with accessories, and my dolls. Shoes are stored underneath, along with some sewing supplies and wigs.

Clicking the photos below will open a larger version of them.
Items labelled as 'Offbrand' are usually thrifted.


Handmade by me x2, AP Little Bird's Symphonia JSK, AP Triple Frill JSK

AP Happy Garden OP, AP Cat's Tea Party JSK (Dream Dress #1!), AP Classic Melody JSK (Dream Dress #2!), Kidsyoyo Sailor OP

AP Tea Time Ala Carte Salopette, AP Honey Cake OP, AP Honey Cake JSK, AP Whip Magic JSK

AP Sugar Fairy Cake JSK, Bodyline Bolero OP, BTSSB Babydoll JSK, Bodyline Polka Dot OP

AP Sugar Hearts OP, Meta Honey cake OP, Handmade by me, Handmade by me (Reallyyy old, haha)

Bodyline Strawberry Gingham JSK, AATP Melty Mermaid OP, Bodyline Carousel JSK, Offbrand OP (Don't remember the brand, Sorry!)


Offbrand, Unknown taobao shop, Meta Cat Print, Bodyline Love Jewelry

AP Colorful Hearts, Handmade by me, Bodyline Fairy From Forest, Handmade by me

Handmade by me, Heart E

Blouses & Cutsews

BTSSB, Unknown Taobao store, Offbrand, Offbrand

Vintage, F21, F21, BTSSB

Bodyline, AP, AP, AP (Dyed and embroidered by me)

Offbrand x4

Offbrand x4

Cardigans & Boleros

UNIQLO, Offbrand, AP, AP

Offbrand x4

Taobao seller, Offbrand x3

Offbrand x4


DEB, JC Penny, Lip Service, Offbrand

Ebay (Started embroidering it myself), Bodyline


Handmade by me, Taobao, H&M
ASOS, Vintage x3, Claire's
ASOS, Offbrand (decorated by me), Offbrand

Claire's, Offbrand (Decorated by me), Offbrand
Handmade by me, Claire's x2, F21

Taobao, H&M, Handmade by me, AP Sugar Fairy Cake, AP Colorful Ribbon, AP Sugar Hearts
Target, F21, Taobao, Handmade
Meta, AP Cat's Tea Party, AP Honey Cake

Taobao, Handmade, AATP melty Mermaid, Offbrand
Classical Puppets, AP, Offbrand x2
Claire's, Handmade, AP, Offbrand, Bodyline, Offbrand

Claire's x2, SS, AP, Bodyline, AP, Bodyline, SS
Taobao x2, AATP, AP, SS x2, Bodyline

Mix of AP, Chocomint, Claire's, F21, Sanrio, Vintage, and Handmade

AP, Loris, F21
Loris, BTSSB, AP
F21, Offbrand x2

Bodyline, SS, Bodyline, Offbrand
Bodyline, Offbrand x2, Dream V, Offbrand, Bodyline
Bodyline, Custom House, SS x2

Well, that's most of it! There's a few things I've left out, including wigs and tights, but nothing too interesting. Thanks for looking!


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