Tara P. (hikarichan78) wrote in egl,
Tara P.

AatP Pirate Lucky Pack contents!

Hi all, thought I'd share what I received in my lucky pack... am thrilled with my print coord and the contents of my pack for the most part. Only a few things I'll be selling, which makes me pretty happy!

My prized coord:
Poison de lámour Princess JSK, Bonnet in navy, and Queen of Snow and the Magic of Whiteness OTKs in off-white
Poison JSK bonnet Snow OTKs
This dress is just stunning! I've sold off quite a few of my navy dresses and have really been feeling that loss lately. So this coord has gone a ways to remedying that! My collection is also really sweet, but I'm starting to feel my age and am trying to graduate to a more mature look, so this elegance is a very welcome to my wardrobe! And I've always wanted to try a bonnet but have been too afraid it'd look stupid on me, and as such didn't want to take the expense. So I'm happy I received the bonnet instead of a standard headbow, as I have way too many and am currently suffering from headbow fatigue. :p

Here are the stock photos:
bonnet side
Bonnet front
Note: my socks have baby blue roses instead; change after stock photos available?

Transparent Knitting Ribbon Bolero and Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box OTKs in navy w/stock photos:
Bolero Drosselmeyer OTKs
Drosselmeyer OTKs
I don't have a navy bolero, so this is a great addition to my wardrobe. Not to mention how well it coords with my JSK! :) The Drosselmeyer OTKs go well with a couple of other AatP JSKs I own (Drosselmeyer in red and Twilight Circus in purple), so it's really nice to have some options to change up my outfits a bit!

Lace Collar Blouse in black w/stock photo:

I was hoping for a high collar blouse as it would coord better with the things I do have, but this one is so pretty I think I'll hold on to it in the hopes it will work for future outfits! Will go very well with black on black as the sheen and lace will break up the monotone and add more interest.

Jizelia Coat in black w/stock photo:
Jizelia coat
I've always wanted a coat but cringed at the price point. As I live in SoCal, I can't justify the price since I would use it very seldomly. But I've always wanted the option to wear one on the one or two days a year it's cold down here. :p So getting one in a lucky pack seemed like the best bet, and I'm happy I got one in black as I can wear it with just about everything!

Tent purse in black x gold w/stock photo:
tent purse photo

Yessssss!!! This is exactly the purse I was hoping I'd get; I'm too cheap to pay full price for something like this. :p This colorway will go with quite a few of my AatP and AP coords, absolutely love it!

"Budget" Caterina JSK in black and headdress:
Black JSK and headdress
AatP embroidery
These are the items I don't think I'll be keeping. Am thinking this is one of those less expensive starter JSKs you'll find only in store. Cut is the same as their previous Caterina JSK, but with plain cotton fabric and less lace. The embroidery is a nice touch, but the dress and headdress are too... simple? for my taste.

Finally, I got the same stationery and pen as everyone else:

Overall, I am VERY VERY happy with my lucky pack. Am surprised I didn't get one piece of jewelry, but the coord and the versatility of the rest of the items more than make up for that to say the least! Can't wait to step out in my Poison de lámour JSK outfit! :)
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