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Historical Theme: Viking Lolita!

I work as a lolita designer for my brand Ergi by Piratessan part time and am a viking nerd full time, so, according to the current EGL aesthetic theme I decided to make a take on a new lolita style: Viking Lolita!

Link added with mod permission:
The whole collection is now available for reserve at http://ergi.se !

Price for the dress starts at SEK 1600. Sales tax of 25% will be added if you live in the EU.
Trackable shipping fees:
Sweden: SEK 65 (DHL Service Point)
Europe: SEK 260 (DHL Economy Select)
Rest of the world: SEK 300 (Airmail Registered)

Airmail Registered is available to Sweden and Europe as well.
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and support! <3

I designed my own print based on an original Viking stone carving, the Tjängvide image stone:

The motif is Odin riding on his horse Sleipner. At the waist and the bottom hem there are rune inscriptions. The text itself is not very creative though, it reads "Odin, Sleipnir, Lolita". (The spelling is very creative on the other hand, as you can see if you read Viking runes)

I coordinated the JSK with a matching bow, red OTK socks from Ergi, a simple handmade white linen blouse, offbrand scarf and a pair of vintage boots. The wig is from Gothic Lolita Wigs.

Also a pair of very fancy offbrand mittens, as it was -10°C when taking these photos... :S

The dress is decorated with a typical Viking style accessory, dress brooches connected with a strand of glass pearls. The brooches are detachable. Close up image:

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