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Bat_shaped's 2013 wardrobe post

I share a walk-in closet with my boyfriend (his shirts are on the right). My lolita clothes take up the back half of my side.

I have mostly skirts, I find them easier to wear in toned down ways for day-to-day and there are less fit issues.

Aatp border prints: St Mephisto Cathedrale and Gloria ~the beautiful glassy St Mary~

Aatp all-over prints: Name of the Rose and Tarot cards

Aatp corset skirts: The black cat, the witch, and the apple tree; I don't know the other's name

Sweet skirts: AP Shantung frill party, Btssb cherry ribbon

Surface Spell skirts- I love Surface Spell, their quality is just excellent and they love sticking crystals on things
Unicorn applique and Moonlight cathedral

Plain black skirts, I don't know the name of either. The left is aatp and the right is a classic btssb design with tons of lace and a bustle back.

Overskirts: Victorian maiden and Atelier Boz

Handmade (not by me) and handmade (by me) from screenprinted fabric I bought on the sales comm. I've been meaning to add trim to the hem for over a year now, but I can't decide what kind to use.

Meta blouses in three colors

Aatp blouse and Btssb chiffon princess blouse

Offbrand blouses/cutsews

Offbrand chiffon blouse and frilly blazer

Boleros, the white one is from taobao but I dont remember which shop

Short sleeve cardigans, the black one has the same lacy texture as the pink

Long sleeve cardigans

Innocent World capelet and offbrand velvet stole

My beloved Mary Magdalene Amandine coat, with and without the detachable fur.

Btssb trick or treat, Aatp Miranda

Btssb karami jsk in two colors. The black one is quite faded, but I got a very good deal on it

Rose Melody rosa aroma jsk and offbrand jsk from an eBay seller.

Selection of socks and tights, all offbrand

Headwear, some matching headbows and btssb hair accessories, the rest offbrand

Hats and fur stoles (vintage). The bonnet-style hat is vintage too. The cloche is tricky to pair with lolita but I try anyway.

Offbrand gloves and my little collection of painted Spanish fans

Selection of jewelry, the btssb key necklace I got at my first ever convention last year.

Bags and parasols. I'm also waiting for this one in the mail:

This year I got m first pair of non-black shoes. I've been meaning to sell the Antaina boots but they're a hassle to ship so I keep putting it off.

Thanks for looking, I know it was a long post!
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