xmamx (xmamx) wrote in egl,

BTSSB Winter 50% Sale Order Problems

I had ordered a dress that was on sale, and they had sent me the invoice, but I sent them an email stating that I needed the address to be changed. I sent 2-3 emails stating that fact, then I paid the invoice and sent the another email asking about the address change and telling them I had sent the payment. The payment was completed, but it even says on my paypal payment to send it to a different address. I've been waiting for 3-4 days since the payment, and I have sent them another 2-3 emails asking for confirmation of the address change and my payment, but so far nothing. I'm just wondering if there is some ultra busy sales time I don't know about that forces them not to answer to at least 1 of my 10 emails sent? I was also wondering if this is normal for Baby, and they would answer me in like another week or something?
Tags: ordering: misc questions
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