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Wardrobe theme

I've been a Lolita for about five years now, but since I have so many interests and styles I don't buy new Lolita things very often, and therefore my wardrobe is kind of small. I also have problems sticking to one Lolita style, so my wardrobe is kind of all over the place, lol. But now I'm slowly settling into a more mature gothic style.

DSC_0106_zps2d01f6cd photo DSC_0106_zps2d01f6cd-1_zps3f44403e.jpg

This is what my display mannequin is wearing most often. The dress is my newest addition, from Atelier Pierrot, shown with a Dear Celine blouse and accessories from Alice and the Pirates, Taobao and a bag from h.Naoto :)

DSC_0113_zps454bc4f9 photo DSC_0113_zps454bc4f9-1_zpsa761d158.jpg DSC_0127_zps0fe13294 photo DSC_0127_zps0fe13294-1_zps15bf3c57.jpg

Blue JSK from Atelier Pierrot and corset skirt from Bodyline.

DSC_0150_zps6ebdb3b1 photo DSC_0150_zps6ebdb3b1-1_zpsc8a6eafd.jpg DSC_0165_zpsc334454e photo DSC_0165_zpsc334454e-1_zpsa4b877e7.jpg

Queen's Coach OP from Alice and the Pirates and Floral OP from Moi-même-Moitié.

DSC_0120_zpscef03ede photo DSC_0120_zpscef03ede-1_zps2f92e298.jpg DSC_0156_zpsf6e67ca5 photo DSC_0156_zpsf6e67ca5-1_zpsa3f608b8.jpg

Shirring Tartan Princess JSK from Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Ribbon Ornament OP from Angelic Pretty. The Btssb JSk was my first lolita dress ever, even though I don't wear it anymore I'll always keep it because it means so much to me.

DSC_0130_zps82714817 photo DSC_0130_zps82714817-1_zps2145d568.jpg

The holy grail of my wardrobe, Moi-même-Moitié's Cathedral print skirt! This print made me fall in love with Lolita and I never even tried to look for it because of the price, but then one of my friends offered to sell me hers for a very reasonable price :)

DSC_0138_zps8c1b6423 photo DSC_0138_zps8c1b6423-1_zpsf8c3449b.jpg DSC_0143_zpsfbad2f05 photo DSC_0143_zpsfbad2f05-1_zpse780ae89.jpg

Antique Bouquet Tiered skirt by Metamorphose and Chiffon Angelic Princess skirt by Angelic Pretty, both shown with Angelic Pretty blouse.

DSC_0170_zps8b2a5dc3 photo DSC_0170_zps8b2a5dc3-1_zps800f7b9f.jpg

My blouses, from Angelic Pretty, Dear Celine and Moi-même-Moitié. Sorry that the AP one turned into a white blob, it was too bright in my room it seems ;_;

DSC_0178_zps5ed34f6d photo DSC_0178_zps5ed34f6d-1_zps69ab53f0.jpg

Offbrand cardigan and cape and a hooded cape from Anna House.

DSC_0196_zpsa77a0702 photo DSC_0196_zpsa77a0702-1_zps93cf2111.jpg

Accessories, a mix of brand and offbrand.

DSC_0199_zpsdcbe93b0 photo DSC_0199_zpsdcbe93b0-1_zpsbe4a8b4e.jpg

Jewelry, offbrand except for Btssb hairpin.

DSC_0190_zps1cb7b591 photo DSC_0190_zps1cb7b591-1_zps5537a912.jpg

Bags, from Bodyline, h.Naoto and Angelic Pretty. Parasol from Alice and the Pirates.

And that concludes my wardrobe, thank you for looking! :) Not included are shoes, socks and outerwear because those wouldn't photograph very well and I wear mostly pretty plain socks, shoes and coats so it's not very interesting.

As a bonus pic, here's how my cellphone looks at the moment. I like to deco it to match my Lolita, this time I took inspiration from my red AP skirt :)
DSC_0203_zps60dc3363 photo DSC_0203_zps60dc3363-1_zps84528dc0.jpg


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