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AatP Pirate Premium Lucky Pack Contents

Hello felow lolitas ^-^

I got my LP 2 days ago, although it is quite awsome i'm not keeping almost anything because nothing really fits me and what does is not my style. It was a risk i knew i was taking though :) I'm very disapointed with something: i did not get any socks ;_; and nothing that compensates them so thats a bummer, i really wanted some socks ...

Jizelia Coat - Navy

lolibrary info for the curious measurements do not match it measures 90cm in the bust and 82 in the waist... if they matched it would have a chance to fit me *sigh*

Pierrot Parka - Navy x Black

Lolibrary info for the curious - This is the "special" item in my pack i think evey pirate pack i seen so far has one, i really think it is awsome and it actually fits me but is is not loli at all and does no match anything i wear... I still don't know what i will do with it.


Lolibrary Info for the curious - Also does not match the official measurements, it is way smaller in the bust area therefore does not fit me (i honestly hate that this constantly happens) will be selling.

Witch JSK (set with headbow below)

Lolibrary Info - Also does not fit although i really like it i will be selling it.

Ribbon Galop Blouse - Black

Lolibrary Info for the curious Also smaller than the oficial measurements in the bust area, does not fit but even if it did i don't think i would keep it ...

Tent Bag - Navy x Gold

Lolibrary Info for the curious This is awsome but the colour-scheme in everything but versatile! i don't think i ever coordinated blue and gold in a outfit, but i will try to pull it out.


Julia Ribbon Bonnet & Unknown Side Headbow both Black

Info on the bonnet 'm keeping the bonnet at least until i try wearing it in a coord, the side bow is way too huge for me XD

Stacionary & Fantastic Fairy Barrette

Info on the Fairy Barrete also not keeping the barrete since it does not match anything i own. I'm really sad that i only got this jewlery wise and no socks ._.

And thats it, thank you all for your time :D
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