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Picture request: JaneMarple lovers, help!

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a particular JaneMarple's JSK, as I was planning to sew something very similar... but I lost the picture D:

The dress is a simple JSK of a very dark shade of navy and it's made of velvet, so I'm sure it is from an a/w collection.
It has a very original straps, made of a golden chain where the links are stars (five-pointed stars, the usual shape, you know).

The dress was completly plain navy, so I hope someone can identify it by the straps. If it helps, the skirt part hasn't got a lot of fullness (the typical otome silhouette).

I'll be very thankfull to find again that dress or get any information. Anyway, if nobody can help me with this, maybe you can suggest other JM dresses that are made of velvet, with a simple silhouette and thin straps; that'll be OK for my sewing proyect! ;) 

Thanks a lot!
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