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First Wardrobe Post~ 2013

Hello~ I just started to build up my wardrobe last year so I don't have a bunch of dresses but enough to keep me happy~

Two blouses. Both off brand. Black one is from a brand name Bethany? And the other one is from Forever 21

Pink and white pinstriped skirt is a off brand that I got a long time ago and is really nice for casual wear. 
Floral one is a bodyline skirt that I'm absolutely in love with.

I have four dresses.. One is a rep of a dream sky originally a Angelic pretty print..
White and black dot JSK from Meta from a lucky pack
Floral dress is a Liz Lisa for those lazy days
And my first 'brand' piece is from Chantilly.

Twinkle bat jsk from Clockwork Rose Boutique
And a H. naoto borlo with detachable sleeves.

Mainly off brand shoes. But on the right, the shoes with red soles are from bodyline.
The shoes next to it are rocking horse shoes from montreal rocking horse shoes.
Then doc marten, mary janes.

I have tights and socks but they aren't very exciting. And accessories also but not very interesting ones either. 

Ignore my stuffies please.

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