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My Wardrobe

2013-01-10 15.56.51 (2)

Hey everyone! This is my first time doing the January wardrobe post.
I've been a lolita for about two and a half years and have built up my wardrobe quite slowly, so it's pretty small compared to a lot of people's I've seen on here!
Apologies for the not-so-sharp phone pictures.

Now, onto the clothes...

2013-01-10 14.57.30
Bodyline, Bodyline

2013-01-10 14.59.38
Bodyline, a replica of Btssb's Dripping Lace and Rococo Accessories Print

2013-01-10 15.01.05
Both from Primark

2013-01-10 15.07.03
Music JSK- Bodyline, Black JSK- Pyon Pyon

2013-01-10 15.09.53
Floral dress- Miss Selfridge, Cherry dress- Therapy

2013-01-10 15.11.57
My dream dresses! Dreaming Macaron- Angelic Pretty, St. Mephisto Cathedrale- Alice and the Pirates

2013-01-10 15.15.00
Both from Bodyline

2013-01-10 15.17.10
Bodyline, Primark

2013-01-10 15.19.38
Both from H&M

2013-01-10 15.22.18
Both from Bodyline

2013-01-10 15.24.13
H&M, Roshi

2013-01-10 15.26.07
Bodyline, Miss Selfridge

2013-01-10 15.27.56
My all time favourite coat! From G.L.P. (bought at Sai Sai, Camden)

2013-01-10 15.29.04
Pink coat from Next

2013-01-10 15.38.07
An*tai*na, An*tai*na, Bodyline

2013-01-10 15.38.48
Primark, Debenhams, River Island

I also wear Dr Marten-style boots or plain knee high boots with lolita a lot.

2013-01-10 15.52.01
Various offbrand hair accessories! I often slide detachable bows onto plain hairbands as well.

2013-01-10 15.54.40
My petticoats from Victorian Girl Dress and M Butterfly

2013-01-14 13.44.02
Bodyline tote bag and house bag from G.L.P.

2013-01-14 13.42.26
Backpack from Lost Mannequin

2012-12-18 11.05.05
My three English Gothic & Lolita Bibles!

And, that's about it! Thanks for looking! :)
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