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PUTUMAYO cute set Lucky Pack

Hello Ladies,

I wanted to show you what was in my PUTUMAYO cute set Lucky Pack. ^.^
I bought it from a reseller on ebay. He sent it in the original PUTUMAYO package. ^.^ It was unopened as promised.

Here is the contet of my Lucky Pack:

First the blazer:

As you can see it is a simple nice blazer.

A close up of one of the buttons.

It has also a little bit lacing in the back. ^.^
This blazer does not fit my chest ans bust but it looks nice open worn by me. ^.^

The second piece in my Lucky Pack was a totally nice JSK. ^.^


As you can see it has a nice pokerreminding print. XD My roommates first sentences when seen this dress were: 'I will definetly take you to the next poker evening. And I am going to win because I will have a  Lui on my Hand.'   Lui is my nickname. ^.^

A closer print picture:

The third piece in the package was a collar which perfektly fits the JSK. ^.^
Here is the last picture:


I hope you like my little review of this Lucky Pack. ^.^
A nice day to everyone. ^.^
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