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Meet-up picture post, Gothenburg, Sweden

Hello everyone!

At the 15th of December the lolitas of Gothenburg, Sweden had our annual winter meet-up at the amusement park Liseberg.

It was a day filled with ice skating, a visit to a café, looking around at the market and even riding the wave swinger.

Here we have my boyfriend Erik and the lovely Louvrianne.
(You know how boyfriends that come along to meetups usually get to do a lot of phototaking? Well, Erik is very sneaky. He had even left when it was time for our group photo!)

Sara, Jaqueline and Moon at our meeting place.

And this is me!

We arrived at Liseberg. They have a lot of winter decoration, this is only the first thing you see when entering.
It had been snowing like crazy earlier in the morning, but sadly that changed to rain during the meetup. Whelp, at least that meant it wasn't as buttfreezing cold as it's been other years!

Time for some ice skating!
evelina and Moon

Me again


They have a nice scenery at one side of the ice skating rink.


Megumi, to the left, had never ice skated before (or was it the second time?). I guess it was an exciting experience for her.

The very cute Moon again!

Louvrianne and Sara watching from the side. Louvrianne filmed a lot during the day, I've added the movie to the end of this post.

Lol. I tried so hard to get a photo standing on one foot. It was really hard!

Anyway, ice skating is so much fun, especially when accompanied with classical music as it is at Liseberg, but after a while you have to take a break with some ”fika” (why isn't there an english word for that? Well, like a coffee break, but not necessary with coffee).

We managed to squeeze together in the crowded café.

We had a game of madcap (seriously don't know if that's the right name in english, but it's the game where you have a paper on your forehead saying who you are and where you are and you have to figure those out with yes/no-questions). It was very fun, but so hard! I had a tough time figuring out who I was, even though I was the one who had wrote the names, lol.

After the café we went to look at the winter market. It was lovely! But so crowded.

A giant marzipan pig!

Candy almonds *__*

So much fudge!

Christmas tree glass ornamets, very beautiful.

Even though it's a real waste of energy with all those lamps, I can't help to think it's very beautiful.

My sister Elena joined us at the café. Here she's inspecting the wagon at the entrence of the medieval town.

They had giant drinking horns for sale!

Medieval dolls with manga eyes? What.

This is the only group picture we manage to get.
From left to right: Megumi, me(Evelina), Elena, evelina, Jaqueline, Moon, Sara and Louvrianne.

The light in this escalator gives very cool colour effects. Everything becomes pink and purple.

A long way down.

At this time it was getting so dark that I couldn't take any more good photos. So here's just some more photos of the scenery.


It looks odd with the roller coaster in the background.

Before we left I bought churros (so tasty!) aaand, that's it!

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Sorry for the bad quality, my camera is old. And sorry that I took so long to post this, I know there've been some waiting a whole month for the photos!

This is the movie that Louvrianne put together. She did a really great job with it!


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