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buttcape's Wardrobe Post 2013: some lolita, but mostly ouji

I actually took this picture awhile back for something else, but it works well for this theme, too 8D

This was my first time doing a wardrobe post. I was not expecting it to be so time consuming. OTL
I don't have a fancy closet, so here's a boring picture of mostly everything together.

Lolita stuff

Alice and the Pirates Versailles Rose Embroidery JSK, Alice and the Pirates, Alice and the Pirates Versailles Rose Embroidery Ribbon JSK

(My poor lonely) Metamorphose x Macross Frontier Sheryl's High Waist skirt

victoriangirldress, Classical Puppets

Alice and the Pirates Veil Claris Silk Hat

Black Peace Now mini hat


offbrand, offbrand, handmade

Atelier Boz Eternity Roland jacket, Atelier Boz Roland jacket, Atelier Boz Eclipse Roland jacket

Putumayo swallowtail cardigan, Bodyline L109 crown cardigan, Putumayo x Gothic & Lolita Bible cross bolero, Black MiQuri Napoleon bolero

Axes Femme, offbrand, offbrand, Miho Matsuda black and grey striped swallow tail vest

G.L.P. vest, Black Peace Now, Alice and the Pirates Tourinot vest, Alice and the Pirates Versailles Rose Embroidery vest, Dear Celine

Black Peace Now, Black Peace Now, Black Peace Now

Alice and the Pirates Vargossa vest, Alice and the Pirates swallowtail vest, Ozz Oneste (Ozz On)

Dear Celine Poet of Spring High Collar Ribbon Blouse, Dear Celine, R-Series Black Knight Gothic Blouse, Dear Celine, Dear Celine, Putumayo striped blouse, HMHM Lamia blouse (the DC blouses together)

I forgot to include these in orz
Black MiQuri Submission & Fortune cutsew, Alice and the Pirates, offbrand

The 69th Dept., Ozz Oneste (Ozz On), Dear Celine, Black MiQuri, Alice and the Pirates

Alice and the Pirates pocket salopette pants, Alice and the Pirates Versailles Rose Embroidery corset pants, Innocent World Maurice salopette

Alice and the Pirates wide pants, Alice and the Pirates Ophelia pants

Atelier Boz pinstriped pants, Alice and the Pirates Versailles Rose Embroidery pants, Black MiQuri LANCER Jodhpur pants

Peace Now creepers, Peace Now creepers, Black Peace Now

offbrand, Secret Shop short boots, offbrand

bodyline 225, bodyline 225, offbrand

offbrand, Peace Now, Metamorphose tassel boots

Black MiQuri Forward March collar, offbrand spiked collar, Putumayo black ruffle collar, Black MiQuri submission & fortune collar, bodyline and offbrand shoe clips

Black Peace Now jabot, Innocent World Lily Emblem Lace jabot, Putumayo neckties, handmade jabot

all offbrand things to stab brand with epaulettes

Alice and the Pirates arm warmers, offbrand gloves

Alice and the Pirates jacquard socks, Angelic Pretty lace socks, Innocent World Rottenburg OTKs

Enchantic Enchantilly diamond OTKs, Enchantic Enchantilly, offbrand,

Alice and the Pirates glitter lame OTKs, Alice and the Pirates, offbrand

Angelic Pretty Royal Queen OTKs, offbrand


Black MiQuri, Hello Kitty x F21, offbrand

MC Melody Doll yen necklace, Nintendo LoZ buckle, Chocomint star clip, Alice and the Pirates frill bustle
the bustle is my favorite item ever!

all offbrand belts, Dream of Lolita cincher

Alice and the Pirates Ribbon Rose headbow, Alice and the Pirates Rose Embroidery bonnet, veiled headbow from The Royal Rabbit, stars and crosses from visualheroine

offbrand, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright necklace

Coming in the mail

Black MiQuri Napoleon jacket, Black MiQuri jodhpur pants, Ozz Angelo (Ozz On) Arabesque Embroidery jacket

I've recently developed a taste for military style things!

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