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Aatp Noble Lucky Pack 2013 Opening

I ordered the Noble Lucky Pack from Aatp. My shopping service had trouble ordering and it sold out at first but I was later able to order it when the packs were restocked. I was really excited after seeing some of the other lucky pack openings and was hoping for a couple of gothic pieces.
The mailman tried to deliver it on Thursday so I missed it so I rescheduled the delivery for today.

Opening the box!

Misty Night Royal Game Vest
Misty Night Royal Game Pants
Not my style so I will be selling it.

Mad Hatter Blouse
I'm not sure about this blouse. I was looking for a black one but the cuffs are really exaggerated. I'll have to see how it looks with my other dresses.

Solielle Ribbon Scallop JSK
Simple black JSK. Maybe too simple for me.

Rose and Butterfly Cardigan
Pretty cardigan. It's listed as red but it's more like fuschia. I was hoping for a darker red or a black so this will go as well.

I can't identify the mini hat
Fantastic Fairy Pendant
A/P Front Rose Pattern OTKs
I have the matching dress to the pendant so it was a pleasant suprise and I can always use more socks. It'll go well with a couple of dresses I already have.
I've been wanting a burgundy hat and was excited about getting one in the pack but on closer inspection, it turned out to be damaged. The glue had come apart in places and left white marks on the inside of the hat. I obviously can't sell it so I will have to repair it somehow.


So the only things I will be keeping are the necklace and socks. I'm disappointed but I'll try find new homes for the other pieces and then get some things I would really like. :)
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