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QueenAlice's wardrobe 2013

My wardrobe is very mixed as I don't really settle on a specific style of lolita, I enjoy wearing sweet, classic and gothic. This also isn't my entire wardrobe, just the main pieces. I've left out a few basic items from Taobao, my head dresses, socks, and the offbrand stuff I incorporate into my outfits. Otherwise this post would just be far too huge!

I've been collecting lolita since 2008, but I try and keep my wardrobe as compact as possible just because I don't like to have an excessive amount of material things. So I have to really love something before I buy it, and if I fall out of love with something I'm quick to sell it on. A whole bunch of my wardrobe is from 2011 because that year I went on a shopping trip to Japan and went crazy ^^;; I've bought hardly any lolita this year just because I haven't liked any releases enough.

All Angelic Pretty: Milky-Chan the Fawn Necklace, Toy Drops and Bunny-chan with Pockets.

All Angelic Pretty: Little Bear's Cafe, Wonder Story and Sheep Garden.

BTSSB Milk-chan and Snow Strawberry, Dear Celine Misty Morning, Bodyline Squirrel Party.

Putumayo JSK, Moi-Meme-Moitie Diamond Print Bustle, Innocent World Tiered JSK with Pearls. 

Innocent World tartan check, Innocent World Chiffon Stripe Rose and Bodyline.

Bodyline, Bodyline and Taobao.

All Emily Temple Cute.

All Innocent World.

Jacket and cream blouse are Innocent World, black blouse is Metamorphose.

All Bodyline.

Two bottom cutsews are Angelic Pretty, top cutsew is Emily Temple Cute.

Offbrand coat and BTSSB Melody Coat.

Clockwise from top left: Brown BTSSB boots, pink Taobao boots, black Bodyline boots, black Angelic Pretty shoes, pink Bodyline shoes,
sax Secret Shop shoes, red Bodyline shoes, gold Emily Temple Cute shoes, brown Secret Shop shoes.

Clockwise from top left: Liz Lisa (and Duffy), Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Taobao, offbrand, Angelic Pretty, offbrand, Angelic Pretty.

Handmade by me, Innocent World, BTSSB.

A small selection of my branded jewellery: Angelic Pretty rings and necklace, Metamorphose necklace, Innocent World necklace, Swimmer watch and Cute Can Kill necklace.

Thank you for looking, I hope you enjoyed it ♥
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