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Wardrobe theme: violetnoir's wardrobe 2013

I love this theme, its so interesting to see all the different styles of lolita. 

My wardrobe has changed quite a lot since last year as my style has become more classic and otome.

Here are my previous wardrobe posts:
 I decided to part with a lot of my Alice and the Pirates pieces, I still love the brand but really wanted items that I can wear more often.


Emily Temple Cute Royal cats and Royal Oxford Bambi

Emily Temple Cute Jam and Forest House prints

Emily Temple Cute flocky stars and dot ribbon

Jane Marple royal stamp jersey OP and JetJ cadre du chat

JetJ La Fille de la foret and Feerie 

JetJ La fete de saint Valentin and La crete d'aristocrate

Innocent World antique pansy and flocky trumps.

Btssb Desert OP and Rose candle lucky pack JSK

Lief sacred night and Victorian Maiden crown emblem

Handmade pocketwatch JSK and altered vintage velvet JSK

Offbrand dresses, Akane & Alois and Handmade by Monarch Lolita

Alice and the Pirates Galactic journey to the stars and Castle of nightmare prints.

Alice and the Pirates Chain Bouquet JSK and Moi meme Moitie Silent moon JSK


I don't have many skirts, I prefer dresses most of the time but I do quite like casual otome skirts.

Emily Temple cute Hakusen House and Shirley Temple Crown and Fluer de Lys prints.

Alice and the Pirates Vampire Requiem corset skirt.

Blouses, coats and other clothes


Dark blouses and cutsews, a mix of brand and offbrand pieces. 

Light coloured blouses and cutsews, most of these are offbrand.

Cardigans and boleros

These are mostly brand ones with a few offbrand finds. 

Vests, corsets and bustiers

Coats and Jackets

My collection of bambi fur items, I wear them with lolita and mori girl.

Socks and Tights


Various socks from Aatp, Btssb, Metamorphose, ETC, IW...


A selection of my more interesting tights, I love how printed tights have become so popular now. 
I really love them and much prefer them to socks, I now have a tights wishlist, haha.

Bags and shoes


Dark coloured shoes and boots, I've bought a lot more shoes this year!

Lighter coloured shoes, I'd still like a few more shoes for classic though. 


From the top right, Axes Femme, Axes Femme, Swimmer, Swimmer.
second row, Muchacha, muchacha, AP, IW and swimmer.

From top left, Disney, Bodyline, Bodyline
Second row, all Innocent World
Bottom, both offbrand.

Accessories and everything else


swimmer,swimmer, offbrand, AatP, Maxicimam, offbrand and AatP

Fur accessories and cat scarves :D

Hats and hair accessories, I don't have many headbows because I prefer smaller hair corsages.

I store all my small hair accessories, necklaces and bracelets on a rack that hangs on my wardrobe door.


I put my small items like rings and earings on a cute cakestand.

Here's what I'm currently waiting for, some are on their way and a couple haven't been released or made yet:

I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection
Tags: theme: january

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