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Another wardrobe: A lot of black, some pinks and different styles

I always love the wardrobe theme, so here is my wardrobe! My wardrobe is a mixture of bittersweet, gothic, sweet, some aristocrat (masculine and feminine) and a bit of classic. It has brand, offbrand and some items made by me. The most dominant colour is black, with pink as an accent colour, but I am planning to get more colour into my wardrobe this year.

So, onto the pictures:


My feminine coats, lolita and aristocrat. They are both from Fan Plus Friend
The black thick wool coat is so warm, it is my favourite coat and I wear it pretty much every day during the colder days.

My masculine aristocrat coats: Fan Plus Friend, Infanta, Fan Plus Friend

And the pink ones! Metamorphose and Baby the stars shine bright.
Sadly the Meta coat's wool is much thinner than the Fan Plus Friend ones. So for me it's too cold for winter and it is more of an autumn/spring coat.

And now the dresses!

My one-pieces, all three from Alice and the Pirates.

The black x pink polkadot one-piece is from Angelic Pretty (I've removed the front bow) and the pink one is from Kidsyoyo.

My black jumperskirts: the solid black ones are handmade by me and the one in the middle with the chandelier embroidery is from HMHM.

The left one is from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, one of my most recent arrivals and I love it so much!
The one on the left is the Scent of Rapunzel from Alice and the Pirates. One of my dreamdresses! ^^

My floral dresses from Angelic Pretty: Classical Rose and Powder Rose. I love them both so much!

My Angelic Pretty bunny dresses! :D I have a huge weakness for bunnies.

The left one is the Cherry Berry Bunny and the right one is the Lyrical Bunny.

My pink dresses from Baby The Stars Shine Bright. The left one is called Poodle Frill Frill if I recall correctly and I have no idea what the one on the right is called.

My pink Angelic Pretty dresses.
The Memorial Cake is one of my dreamdresses, although I don't wear it too much these days and I am going to search for items to make a more mature coord with it.
The left one is an oldschool dress and also my first lolita dress and contains all the elements why I love lolita so much: The details, the quality, the sound that the skirt part makes when you walk or sit down... <3

Now it's time for the skirts!

These high-waist skirts were both jumperskirts, but since the cut was so unflattering on me, I turned them into high-waist skirts and now I feel so much happier with them!
The one on the left is the Silent Moon from Moi Meme Moitie and the one on the right is from Kidsyoyo.

My black high-waist skirts. The one on the top is from Atelier Pierrot, the one on the left is from R-series and the one on the right is handmade by me.

My other black skirts: handmade by me and from Black Peace Now.

The flower gobelin is from Victorian Maiden and the Sweet Cookie Alice is from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
They both have a lovely black bustle at the back.

My three skirts from Bodyline

The cherry gingham skirt is from Metamorphose, the pink x white oldschool one is handmade by me and the bottom skirt is from Baby The Stars Shine Bright.

And my Fan Plus Friend aristocrat skirt. (I noticed that I forgot to take a picture of this one, so this is the picture from last year's wardrobe theme)

Blouses and cardigans/boleros.

My black blouses. From left to right on the top row: Fan Plus Friend, Fan Plus Friend, Alice and the Pirates, Alice and the Pirates

And the bottom row: Anna House, Anna House, handmade by me, handmade by me

(and it's just a coincidence that I have 2 blouses from each 'brand' XD)

My light coloured blouses: The pure white one is from Baby the Stars Shine Bright (and I haven't worn it yet because I am a bit too intimidated by the pure whiteness...) and the other three are from Angelic Pretty.

The top two knits are from Metamorphose and the bottom lacey bolero is handmade by me.

On to the other stuff

My headwear. The top row are things that are made by me

The second row are offbrand stuff, except for the two round headpieces on the right; they are from Fly Away Fashion (a Dutch lolita brand)

And the bottom row are brand items: Angelic Pretty (4x), Alice and the Pirates, Innocent world (3x) and Metamorphose, which I sadly cut off in the picture. -__-

The two jabots are from Fan Plus Friend, the neckbows are from Alice and the Pirates, the bunny scarf is from Heart E, the black wristcuffs from Fly Away Fashion, the white x pink wristcuffs from Angelic Pretty, the black fingerless gloves (short and long ones) are handmade by me and the lace shawl is a vintage find.

My Plushie bags! :D I am addicted to collecting plushie animals since I was a kid (I have over 200), so that's why I can't resist buying plushie bags either. :p
The black cat and the pink bunny are from Fan Plus Friend, the poodle is from Angelic Pretty, the white bunny is from H&M, the pink unicorn from a local plushie/toy store and the Miffy one is from Miffy.

My other bags:

The top two flower purses are from Bodyline, the pink heart from Dream of Lolita, the black heart from Fan Plus Friend, the white star from Loris, Hello Kitty from Sanrio, the carousel print from Bodyline, the bottom row middle two are handmade by me and the two gothic bags on the right are both from Restyle.

My parasols; Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Moi Meme Moitie, Metamorphose


Pleaser, Bodyline, Offbrand (taobao)
Custom house, Montreal, Montreal, Montreal

My not-really-lolita-footwear which I mix in with my more gothy and experimental styles (except for the furry boots, they are just for the really freezing cold days)

Pennangalan, New Rock, offbrand (with the furry legwarmer part made by me) and An*tai*na

(I left out my other really big platform goth boots since I don't wear those anymore with lolita.)

And my other footwear: Offbrand (taobao), Montreal, Montreal, Montreal

And the bottom two are both offbrand from a local store.

I also have a couple of items which I have ordered, but haven't arrived yet. So I made a compilation of those items:

White blouse from white moon (which I am going to tea-dye), skirt from Chess Story, wine red blouse from Kidsyoyo,
wine red flower hairpiece, purple flower hairpiece, offwhite flower hairpiece all from Surface Spell
and the black shoes from Demonia (kera-08).

And this morning I also bought this Innocent World dress from the Closet Child webshop:

Compared to last year I bought a couple of new items and I also stored away some handmade items that I just don't wear anymore. So those are not included in these pictures. For my lolita shoes, like I said I also didn't include some of my goth boots which I included last year because I don't wear them with lolita anymore, and I also left out some other footwear because they are too worn out after so much using.
I also left out my petticoats and jewelry since they are not that interesting. For jewelry I often wear simple necklaces and such, nothing really special or elaborate. And I also barely wear printed lolita socks, I usually wear (black) tights so I left those out too. I also excluded my few masculine aristocrat pants (one from Fan Plus Friend and the other ones offbrand and some gothic brand).

My lolita wardrobe resulotions/plans for this year is to add more colour to my wardrobe, especially offwhite, brown, (wine)red and maybe some navy/blue as well. And I want to get more classic lolita items and hunt down a couple of my dreamprints. :)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my wardrobe and thank you for looking! ^__^

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