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My small wardrobe


I've been into lolita for awhile now ( a year or so ) and been dabbling in styles here and then. Ever since I found the cuteness and quirkyness of Emily Temple Cute i've never looked back. I defiantly would call my wardrobe casual lolita. My wardrobe isn't as big as I'd like it do be in, my other half of my wardrobe consists of Fairy-kei and street wear (Lots of Monomania, Spinns and Galxxxxy!) and also a gyaru wardrobe.
Please enjoy my small wardrobe

I have the smallest collection of.. 2 AP Skirts

LEFT: 2 Emily temple cute chocolate Cardigans
RIGHT: AP Military Jacket, AP Rider Jacket Mint

LEFT: AP Royal Chocolate, Dream V, One spo
RIGHT: AP Deco Dream Hoodie, Galaxxxy Cardigan, Galaxxxy x Twin Little Stars Hoodi

LEFT: ETC Cutsew Dress
RIGHT: 2x ETC Biscuit dress

Royal Chocolate: 1st edition Salopette (left) Royal Chocolate low waisted JSK (Middle) 2nd Edition Salopette (Right)

BTSSB Snow Dot (Only BTSSB Dress I have!) AP Cutsew Dress

These are some of the shirts I use to go under/to use with my pieces. I'm very inspired by ETC on how they use just shirts underneath alot of their garments since i'm not a blouse person.

A range of AP, 6%dokidoki, Vivienne Westwood, Chocomint, MILK and ofcourse AP. 

BTSSB hats (They're so huge and fluffy! I love them), AATP Wolf scarf, Milklim hat and offbrand.

I currently don't have the biggest range of shoes, my most prized shoes are my Metamorphose wooden frill shoes. 
From the back row left to right: Jeffery Campbell, DreamV, Melissa, Metamorphose, JeremyScott x Adidas, 2x Dream V

Array of AP Socks, Celestein, Emily temple cute, Candy stripper

This is how I store my socks! I baught the Borderlands PC collectors edition and it came with the loot chest. :D

Bags! Mainly AP, the biscuit bag and the chocolate shoulder bag is offbrand

This is my current chocolate collection... I am quite obsessed !
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