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LP post: AatP Noble set (31500yen)

I received my AatP lucky pack yesterday.  Customs got me, but luckily, they only charged me tax (13%) and not duty (18%), so I'll take that as a win. XD

What I got:
AatP LP 1

The run down:
Japanese - AatP LP 6a7
Luna Maria Headdress - Very nice and a good staple headdress, but unfortunately too standard for me (I already own 2 similar ones that I rarely wear).  Will be selling for sure.

Japanese - AatP LP 6a6
Night Fairy Fantasy Necklace - I've been lusting over this on Yahoo! Japan for months now, so I was ecstatic to receive it in my LP.  I'll probably have to change the chain since I'm not sure if the gold is gold plating, or just gold colour alloy plating (which I'm allergic to), but the pendant's what I'm after and I have a ton of extra chain (since I make jewelry), so whatever!  Happy!
Japanese - AatP LP 6a4
Solielle Rose Bustier - I LOOOOVE it, but it doesn't fit.  I don't have enough hips and too much boobs (awkward puckering at the bottom and huge cleavage overflow at the top), so I'll be selling it.  I'm really sad, since I've been wanting a corset style top similar to this for a while and after spending several moments frustrated that it doesn't match any of the ivory in my wardrobe to figure out the perfect way to coordinate it.  Hopefully, one day I'll find a similar bustier top that will fit me. T_T
Japanese - AatP LP 6a2
Tartan Check Pants - I'm not sure about these.  As much as I adore kodona-style shorts, I never seem to wear them.  It has a removable ruffle butt which I'm rather entertained by, but I'll probably sell these seeing as I have a pair of kodona shorts from another AatP LP from YEARS ago that I still haven't worn.  If I'm going to hoard those, I probably shouldn't add another pair to the hoard that may never get worn...
Japanese - AatP LP 6a3
School Cardigan - Nice and basic, but I've been wanting one in a non-black or white/off-white shade, so this is perfect.  I especially like the little embroidery.  My cardigan is SUCH A SIR! >=D
Japanese - AatP LP 6a3a
Japanese - AatP LP 6a8
Mad Hatter Blouse - I was originally unsure about it, but after some thought, I realized I really don't have a long sleeve black blouse that would be suitable for lolita.  Everything I have is either a cut-sew, or really more appropriate for EGA styles, so I guess this is a keeper after all.  I had some reservations about the wired neck bow, but after fiddling with it a little, it seems imminently practical and I would never have to worry about this bow becoming floppy because I can just bend it back to full perkiness.  It didn't come with the detachable ruffle under the bow, but I'm okay with that since it's a pretty plain jabot that I probably wouldn't use anyway.
Japanese - AatP LP 6a5
Regimental Latte Wrap-Around Skirt - The ULTIMATE dud item.  It's actually not as...weird in person (the stock images are crazy unflattering, though it's actually full enough to easily accommodate an A-line petti as you can probably make out in my group shot), but it's still not the greatest.  I can't get over the odd combination of mismatching stripes on stripes or the awkward shade of brown.  I'm definitely selling this.  Probably going to price it looooow and hope someone will provide it a home because I have no idea how this is supposed to be worn.

Japanese - AatP LP 6a1
Black Gather Chiffon JSK - The very last thing I pulled out of the box.  I'm OVER THE MOON having received this.  I own the black x iris colourway, but as much as it's one of my favourite items, I've never worn it because I can't figure out how to coordinate the iris, so I look forward to wearing an easier to coordinate colourway. XD

Overall, I'm very satisfied.  The Gather Chiffon JSK makes up for most of the cost of the pack on it's own (I paid just a couple of dollars above $500CAD with shipping and taxes care of Canadian customs).  I would have loved to get a corset skirt instead of the "latte" skirt and shorts, but I think I have too many corset skirts as it is, so I'll live.  The only real disappointment (aside from the dud skirt, but I'm pretty much over that let down, and more into showing it's weirdo glory to everyone) was that the bustier didn't fit at all.  I'm planning to lose some weight (most of which was gained last fall because of too much cake), but considering the problem's with my bust/waist/hip ratio being off, I don't think losing weight will solve it.

Anyway, I really enjoyed that the AatP was a true traditional LP, full of items from the past season for clearance.  If they have similar LPs again next year, I'll definitely get another one.  Everyone seems to have gotten a really different pack and every pack seems to have many great items.

This is the first LP season where I'm keeping the vast majority of what I got.  I also ordered an IW LP (the 52500yen Pack B; splitting it with a friend) and Meta skirt LP (dark).  The IW LP worked out surprisingly well (I'll save details for another post when I have pictures) though the Meta LP will wind up being resold since nothing in it is in my preferred monochrome shades (except the bloomers, but I have enough Meta LP bloomers).
Tags: lucky packs: alice and the pirates
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