Kirin (tinyeagle) wrote in egl,

bodyline and sizes

First off, hello! I've been lurking here for ages, only just actually joined :) I'm 22, living in England, working in a nerd shop, and in my spare time I am a bunny weilding seamstress :)

So I have a few questions, mostly about bodyline :p

First, how is the quality? They have some adorable stuff, but I wonder if it will wear well? I have quite a busy lifestyle and worry about wearing holes in things. Which is why I wear jeans to work, but I'd like to be wearing more lolita :3

Second, how do the sizes work on bodyline? Especially the shoes n.n;;

Last, I have a friend with a odd problem, she wears US womens size 13, whichis notonly hard to find, its almost impossible to find cute things that large. Anyone know where we might find her some?

Thank you!

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