blood_starz (blood_starz) wrote in egl,

5 more days to apply to be in Katsucon 2013 Lolita Fashion Show

Hi Ladies and Gents,
We are still looking for model for the Katsucon 2013 Lolita Fashion Show.
If you are going to Katsucon and would like to model please email me at, by Jan 15th.

*Your name:
*Your age: (if you are under 18 I will need your parents to ok it)
*3-4 pic of your coords you would like to wear in the show. Brand, off brand and homemade are all welcome.
*Are register for Katsucon or not?

There is also talk of doing a meet/photo shoot, but we are waiting to hear back about what time the fashion show is before formally setting it up.

Thanks You.

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