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Dolphinlina's Wardrobe

This is my first Wardobe post.
I've been interested in the fashion for a year and a bit and I’m pleased with how my wardrobe has been progressing.

Uni wardrobe Sept 2012-Dec 2012

Just began university and this was the contents of my wardrobe.

At my parent’s house wardrobe Dec 2012

Pretty much 'normal' clothing but there are a few loliable items but didn't bring to university with me.

handmade kimono by me / offbrand from China

offbrand with detachable shoulder straps from China / offbrand from charity shop

handmade by me / handmade by my mum

offbrand fold-able umbrella from China

Uni wardrobe Jan 2013
I left almost all of my lolita clothes at uni when I went back home so I had lolita withdrawal symptoms and went on a huge shopping spree.

 There were no spaces left for skirts so they are currently hanging on the shower door frame.


Vanilla-chan replica / Poizen Industries with interchangeable cat/bunny ears


offbrand from ebay / AP Cosmetic Print

handmade by me / Bodyline / Bodyline Stripe Balloon Bears


Hell Bunny / Ted Baker Winter Sweet Pea Print as Christmas present

BTSSB / Bodyline / Milk-chan and Snow Strawberry Print replica

BTSSB Mary's Sweet Sheep / BTSSB Maria Antonio / BTSSB Poodle Frill Frill

AP A La Carte / Meta Fruit Punch Soda / Chess Story It's High Tea Time

Blouses & Tops

Jane Norman / offbrand from Charity Shop / Rose Melody

AP / off brand from China (back view)

offbrand from China/ Offbrand from China / Dream of Lolita

offbrand from China / Bodyline


Meta Ribbon Chandelier / Rose Melody / Dessert Collection replica / Vampire Requiem replica

handmade from EGL / Wonder Cookie replica / Meta Swan Embroidery / Meta Fruit Punch Soda

Sugary Carnival replica / Bodyline


Bodyline / Loris / Loris

Socks and Tights

offbrand tights / AP A La Carte OTK / Meta Fruit Punch Soda OTK / rest is Secret Shop


VW Lady Dragon Heart / VW Croco / offbrand from China / offbrand from Ebay

Antaina / Antaina Tea Parties / offbrand from Ebay

Head and Wrist wear

Meta Fruit Punch Soda / Claire's Accessories modified

Milk-chan and Snow Strawberry Print replica

Chess Story It's High Tea Time / Sugary Carnival replica / Milk-chan and Snow Strawberry Print replica
Meta Fruit Punch Soda / AP A La Carte / BTSSB Mary's Sweet Sheep

Meta / offbrand from China / offbrand from Ebay

Chess Story / Chess Story / offbrand gloves as birthday pressent
Meta Fruit Punch Soda / Classical Puppets

All handmade by me


BTSSB / offbrand from China / offbrand from China
[BTSSB open][Black open][Pink open]


Gosurori 2 / 8 / 9 / 13 / 14
Gothic lolita bibles English

In the post
GLBs 1, 20, 21
Click here to see my entire wardrobe at university

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