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DarkRomantica's Closet

Hello everyone!

Last year I participated in the wardrobe theme for the first time and it was so much fun. I decided to do it again this year!<3

Last year's post

I've been into lolita for 4 years now and my favorite styles are gothic and classic. So, you will find most of them in my wardrobe. Enjoy!


JetJ Library OP and JetJ Star Money OP. Both are my absolute dream dresses. The Library one is a bit big unfortunately, so I have to get it altered later this week.

MMM Silent Moon Long OP and MMM Rose Tulle OP! They're both so gorgeous and the Rose Tulle OP is surprisingly versatile!

MMM Velvet Cross OP and MMM St. Peter's Lace Cross Long OP. Sorry for the blurry picture, my camera has a hard time catching black on picture!
MMM Polkadot OP and MMM Beaded Cross Long JSK. The Beaded Cross one has a beautiful beaded cross in the middle. It is my oldest dress, it is from 2001. And the best, I got it as a present from the lovely iiraliina.
MMM Church Gate JSK and MMM Cathedral JSK. Sadly you can't see the gorgeous velvet ribbons on the Cathedral one, sorry!

MMM Divine Cross JSK and MMM Flocky print JSK. Divine Cross was my absolute dream dress and I'm so happy to have it!<3 Also, the Flocky print JSK has sparkles on it, which reminds me of a winter night :3 They're both really christmas-y haha!

AatP Gathered chiffon JSK and 4 O'Clock Black Pearl JSK, the second one I designed myself and the lovely Linda made it for me!<3 The design was based on the Gathered chiffon dress that I loved dearly, but couldn't find for a good price. This year I managed to get it!:3

JetJ Empreinte de la Genese JSK and 4 O'Clock Spider JSK. Ofcourse, it's is impossible to see the screenprinted spiders on the right dress. It was my first dress 4 years ago and I still love it!<3

JetJ Amour D'Amants JSK and JetJ Feerie JSK. The beauties of my closet for sure!<3

Btssb Stained Glass OP (minus underskirt in this picture) and Baby Whisperer in the Holy Night Michael JSK. I think Baby makes the best all over prints, I just love them. The Michael JSK misses the chain in this picture, I have it in my jewellery box.

Innocent World Chandelier JSK and Grazia Crown JSK. Grazia Crown is the best dress for casual events, it is so easy to dress it up and down.

Some florals! VM Beth Chiffon Frill JSK and 4 O'Clock flower JSK. The 4 O'Clock JSK is made of very heavy corduroy material, so it's really warm. Perfect for winter!

Some tartan! Doris JSK and Lady Ludivine Tartan JSK. I love tartans, especially in autumn. The left one screams punk lolita, but I never worn it that way yet. I would love to do a toy soldier coordinate with the left one though!

Btssb Fragrant Rose Memories in ivory and Btssb Karami JSK. Fragrant Rose Memories is so beautiful ;_; Definetely the sweetest dress in my wardrobe, but so worth it!:3 Also, the Karami JSK is perfect for homewear too, it is so comfortable.

AatP Black Cat, Witch and Apple Tree JSK, without the big bow, which I don't wear that often. It is my hat box right now. This dress is absoluty lovely, I love red and want to wear it more often!<3


MMM Rozenkreuz skirt and MMM mid-lengt black skirts. It looks like a giant black spot here, but actually has lovely lace. It looks very elegant when worn.

MY PRECIOUS!<3 MMM Iron Gate skirt and MMM Tulle skirt, which is blue with black tulle, but looks like a mess in this picture.

AatP Beauty and the Rose Promise and AatP Vampire Requiem skirt. Beauty and the Rose Promise is really beautiful in grey, I must wear it more often.

AatP Castle of Nightmare skirt and AatP Treasure Hunt in Mystic Land skirt. These two mean a lot to me, not only because they're beautiful, but also because they were both presents from my lovely boyfriend!<3

JetJ Rosery Sollonel skirt and JetJ Lace Print skirt. The lace print on the skirt definetely reminds me of snowflakes!<3

4 O'Clock burgundy skirt and Atelier Pierrot mauve corset skirt. Plain skirts with lovely details!<3

Victorian Maiden flower skirt. I love the peach chiffon, but it hard to coordinate!:3 Hope to make a matching hat soon!


I have a lot of these, so I decided to show you only some of my hats ( I have more than 30) and some of my headpieces.
I'm a hatter myself, but I make basic hats at the moment for my course, so not that interesting to show you :3

My most beautiful hats! AP, Moitie, handmade by Maria and handmade by Iira. The Moitie hat is absolutely my favorite, it suits almost everything in my closet. Also, Rococo hats with feathers, what's not to love?<3

Regular worn hats and berets. Hats are all vintage, except the black one on the first row, that one is made by Iira. Berets are offbrand.

Dark headpieces! Handmade by Iira, AatP, Moitie, IW and Baby.

Ligt coloured headpieces! Etsy, Fly Away Fashion, Baby, AatP, offbrand and Moitie. Yes, the right ones are rectangular headdresses. I have a deep love for them, especially with gothic lolita. The offbrand black one is hard to see, but has beautiful roses on it. They're both quite big, I admit, I love maxipads, but will search for smaller classic ones also.

I left out:
- Blouses, boleros and cutsews, because they are all either white or black xD Some cream and red are there to find, but it's not that interesting.
- Socks and tights, because I counted them a month ago and I have 76 pairs of tights, of which 30 are plain black. Not going to photograph that all!
- Other hats and headpieces, most of them look similar to the ones that I already pictured.
- Purses, I have quite a lot xD
- Shoes, because they're not that interesting unfortunately.
- Petti/bloomers, because underwear?

Hope you liked my post!<3
Tags: community: wardrobe post, theme: january

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