Yuki S. (19yuki94) wrote in egl,
Yuki S.

19Yuki94's Wardrobe Post :3

Wow, this is already my 3rd wardrobe post :3
I love this theme!
It is so interesting to watch other people's clothing and of course to see how the own closet developed.
Wardrobe 2011
Wardrobe 2012
My Blog

My Dresses

My Metamorphose dresses

My Angelic Pretty dresses

Putumayo and Baby

Dresses by Indiebrands

Bodyline Part I

Bodyline Part II

Bodyline Part III

My selfmade dresses

My Skirts

Bodyline and Indiebrand

Self-modified Replica and Metamorphose

Selfmade skirts

My Blouses, Cutsews and Cardigans

Short sleeved blouses

Short sleeved cutsews

Long sleeved blouses and cutsew

Boleros and Cardigans

Bolero, Cardigan, Poncho

Socks and Shoes

It makes me happy to see so many shoes since I have quite big feet x3
(EU 42/43 // JP 27.0)


My headbows (selfmade, indiebrand, handmade, offbrand, brand...)

Waistbelts, all offbrand

Collars, hats and ear muffs


What I left out:
- jewellry
- most loliable stuff (tops, jackets)
- bags
- hairclips and -pieces

Thanks so much for watching! :3

Tags: theme: january
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