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Wardrobe Post 2013

Hi there! 

I haven't posted for a long time but I really love this theme so I thought it was time to post ^^

I've been wearing Lolita for around 2 years. My style is predominately sweet and otome, although I'm trying to expand my wardrobe with more classic and gothic pieces. I've sold a lot of items and tried to only buy items I really love. I'm pretty happy with my wardrobe at the moment. 

Picture 409
AP Wonder Story, AP Honey Cake

Picture 408
IW cross neck tiered JSK, IW Antique books JSK, IW Laetitia JSK

Picture 414
Juliette et Justine parfait du lapin JSK, Juliette et Justine la Biblioteque OP 

Picture 415
AATP Vampire Requiem JSK, Shirley Temple Cherry Ribbon JSK 

Picture 410
ETC Parfait OP, ETC Picnic OP

Picture 413
ETC Tea Time print JSK, ETC (?) JSK

Picture 411
ETC Stuffed Toys & chocolate JSK, ETC forest animals JSK
(Both dream dresses of mine! So happy to get them <3)

Picture 412
AP polka dot chocolate salopette, BTSSB polka dot salopette


Picture 416
AP French Cafe apron skirt, AP Fantasic Dolly skirt

Picture 417
Moi Meme Moitie Divine Cross skirt, Victorian Maiden Goblin skirt


Boleros & Cardigans

Picture 419
Innocent World, ETC, Angelic Pretty

Picture 420
Angelic Pretty, MILK

Picture 418
All Off brand

Picture 436

All Off brand


I don't own very many brand blouses as I find it pretty easy to find nice off brand blouses ^^

Picture 421
Alice and the Pirates, Vivienne Westwood

Picture 431
All Off brand 

Cutsew/ t-shirts

Not strictly Lolita but I wear these casually in Lolita coordinates 

Picture 425
Top left to right: ETC, JetJ, Uniqlo
Middle left to right: MILK for Uniqlo
Bottom left to right: Uniqlo, MILK for Uniqlo


Picture 435
Emily Temple Cute, Bodyline


My bag collection is pretty boring as I use regular bags with most my coordinates. I've picked the more interesting bags I own.

Picture 422
Clockwise from top left: Off brand heart straw bag, AP biscuit bag, Offbrand flower bag, Replica IW bear bag,
Offbrand "diary" bag, Offbrand "poetry bag, Vintage leather bag, Swimmer book bag,
AP heart bag, ST bag,Offbrand letter bag, Offbrand gold satchel bag, Offbrand tartan heart bag


I love hats and prefer to wear them over head bows. Here is a selection of my many hats ^^
Picture 427

Hair accessories

A selection of my hair accessories.

Picture 429


 A selection of my jewellry. 

Picture 430
All is offbrand except the drink me bottle necklace, red ribbon ring and biscuit ring which are by AP

My "winter" furry accessories.

Picture 424
All off brand except pink bow mittens by AP


I don't really like to wear socks so don't own very many and I usually wear tights. 

Picture 432
Top left to bottom: SS, SS, SS, H&M, SS
Middle to bottom: SS, Primark, AP, BTSSB
Top right to bottom: Claire's, AP, AP, AP


I have a HUGE collection of tights but most are pretty regular so have picked a selection of more interesting tights I own.

Picture 433
Left to right: Offbrand, Offbrand, Celeste Stein, Replica Celeste Stein, Grimoire, Juliette et Justine


Picture 434
All Off brand

Thanks for looking! ^^

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