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IW Lucky Pack B!

Since IW tends to have a full range of sizes in their LPs, my friend chibichang (size S/M) and I (size M/L) decided to split a Lucky Pack. We are both very happy with the outcome.

It was raining yesterday, so the lighting is kind of terrible in these pics. Sorry about that!

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Pearl and Ribbon Camisole - It fit her perfectly and was so flattering! She's planning on coording it with her Melty Mermaid Princess, because of the pearls.

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Arabel blouse, size S. Perfect for her! It has a nice Victorian silhouette. The little bib is removable, and the blouse looks so much better without it!

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Marguerite skirt - looked so pretty on her! It has a really nice pleated shape and was in one of her favorite colors. She coordinated it with the Arabel blouse that evening, and it looked darling.

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Walkies Print OTKs - I love the tiny squirrels and mice on them, and she strongly dislikes rodents, so they're mine.

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Adelaide JSK - this Edwardian-looking JSK isn't something I'd pick out for myself, but it's actually quite flattering! It was the only thing that fit me in the pack besides the coat, so I kept it.

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Night Bear Coat, size L - OMG, A COAT. A HUGE FLUFFY SUPER WARM COAT. The sleeves are a bit too long, so I'm planning on having it professionally tailored.

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Malonica Bustier - this is so beautiful, and would have coordinated perfectly with the Marguerite skirt. Gorgeous fabric and buttons! But the underbust shape looked a little too fabulous on me (I am a large cup size, haha), and really wasn't her color (she doesn't like pink, and the print has a lot of dusty rose in it), so we're planning on selling it.

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Bianca JSK - We tried this on with literally every blouse, cutsew, and belt I own, but we couldn't get this to flatter either of us. A real shame, because the fabric and lace are beautiful. We're hoping to sell it.
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