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My wardrobe 2013


This year i decided to jump on the bandwagon and post my wardrobe :)
I wear Lolita daily and love black and all kinds of green, blue and dark red, so therefore most of my dresses are black or jewel toned ^^
I was to lazy to picture everything i have (I skipped over the blouses/shirts, wigs and also my pettis since i don't find them THIS interesting).

Let's get started:

My 2 filled IKEA wardrobes: One is for the blouses, shirts and skirts and the other one is for the dresses. My boyfriend does not have much space left for his shirts if i get more Rori stuff.


Blouses and some of the Cardigans

JSK and OP's.


Juliette et Justine: I dont know the name of the first JSK :/ and right is Feerie

Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll and Princess Jelly

Angelic Pretty Moon night Theatre OP and Schoolmate OP

Victorian Maiden Frill Ribbon OP and forgot the name of the second one lol

Innocent World Gretia and Roses and little Birds JSK

Innocent World Beluga Jsk and Ashley Embroidery JSK

Angelic Pretty Candy Pop and Sugar Pansy

Alice and the Pirates Circus Print and Card Queen

Angelic Pretty Shooting Star JSK and Maiden Ribbon Jaquard

Peace Now and Angelic Pretty dont know the name of the first jsk :/ + Angelic Pretty Dressy Rose JSK

Mary Magdalene

Moi meme Moitie Cross Arch Laced JSK

Bodyline and Alice and the Pirates Queens Coach Skirt
and now to the Skirts:

Alice and the Pirates The Secret Between Alice and the Clock Tower

Alice and the Pirates A Midsummernight's Dream

Alice and the Pirates Constellation Print and Melty Mermaid

Angelic Pretty Wrapping Ribbon

Alice and the Pirates Rose Jail

Victorian Maiden Chiffon frill Doll and Beth

Juliette et Justine La Danse de la Dame and Innocent World Chandelier

Angelic Pretty Marionette Girl and Btssb Alice's Portrait

Innocent World and Moi meme Moitie Cathedral Print

Victorian Maiden and AatP Vampire Requiem

Victorian Maiden Skirt and Bustier from the Rococo Bouquet series.

Bows and Bonnet:

Aatp Bonnet and the Bows from the skirts and Jsks. The witch hat is handmade^^ The Wristcuffs are offbrand.

Hairbows and Acc's:

Mostly Aatp and AP

Offbrand and IW

Some of my Hairflowers

Some of my cardigans and jackets:

Aatp and Baby

Bodyline,Peace Now and H&M


all from Alice and the Pirates

Aatp, Aatp, Baby

AP, IW, IW,Metamorphose

Moitie, Moitie, IW

Baby, Offbrand,Offbrand and Juliette et Justine tights.

And lots of offbrand tights and socks which i didn't picture^^


Offbrand, and stuff from Claire's, Alchemy Gothic. The ring is from Baby and the Trump necklace from AP.

Forgot to picture the earrings :/


H&M, Aatp, AP, Victorian Maiden and Asos.
Boots and Shoes:

I don't like most of the brand shoes so i don't buy them. The replicas are from Secret Shop.

Killah pumps and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Pumps and my Winter Boots


Baby,Baby, Offbrand and H&M and the Umbrellas are from Lisbeth Dahl


Alice and the Pirates



both selfmade


Velvet caplet and Spirit Hood Fox

Waiting for:

My Juliette et Justine Skirt and Bustier Set is still stuck in the german customs >.<

Both from Shelly's

Thanks for looking and i hope you had fun to sneak a peek of my wardrobe!
If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

<3 Efeuranke

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