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Customs Fees in your country and how it affects your buying of Lolita clothing

Hi :)

I don't usually post much here in egl but i've been a lolita for arround 5 years and there's something that i find terrebly problematic: customs fees. Here in Portugal they charge you 23% + 8€ for anything over 25€ of value and below 150€ for companies and 100€ for personal (senders) and 50% + 8€ for anything over 150€. Yes, this is true and i find this abusive, i'm usually terrified of buying from stores because it is almost certain that it will hit customs, and worst they actually calculate the fee value on the content + shipping fee, they charge you fees for shipping!

So right now i'm terrebly frustrated because i ordered 2 Lp (and i had to do so through a SS because of the customs) and they are costing me 650€ each (the 52,000yen ones that was arround 490€ at the time) so they are costing me 150€ more each and not beacuse i used an expensive SS but because Shipping costs are killer and i have to pay external and internal ones plus bank and pp fees plus SS fee (i used chibi tenshi so even though the fee was 5% for the IW and 10% for the AatP one it still added up to a big number in the end).

I'm basicly making this post out of rage towards customes and how hard they make my lolita life, and so I was wondering how bad are customs in other countries, in EU specially?

I'm hoping to find a country that charges up to 21% on costumes but doesn't put shipping costs in and is locaded in the EU (since sending inside the EU is customs free) i'm sick and tired of geting stolen by my country riddiculous fees, i'd be terrebly thankfully if someone wound be willing to get my packages and send them to me if there is some place inside the EU that has acepteble customs fees, i'm tired of not being able to buy from stores in japan and even china, or anywhere outside EU for the matter, without paying and absurd value upon arrival and having to get SS for basicly everything but i'm completly unawear of how it is the the other EU countries, and i would be a happy person if there is some place with acepteble custom fees, but i have no idea if such thing even exists XD

Now unfocusing from my personal problem at the moment with customs and talking about it on a more general way,
Do customs significantly affect your buying of lolita clothes?

in my case defenetly yes but i'd like to see the different points of view, i'll leave mine in here:

I think customs fees are necessary for the internal economy in the matter of getting things done inside the country and not importing them from other countries but they should have a fair value, lets say the IVA fee in here is 23%, i think its fair to charge that fee on imported stuff but defenetly not on the shipping costs too, and i think the fee should be lowerd on products that can't be found in the country (like lolita clothing?) since you don't have any other option than importing them from outside. the 50% fee over 150€ is absurd, honestly.

I think i'd probably have a bigger closet and would have bought much more new from store pieces if it wasn't for the customs fees, and that really sucks because honestly there are a lot of lolita brands that actually need some support and are not swiming in money like many people seem to think, lolita is a very demanding fashion quality wise, they have to pay for fabric, lace, construction, design, rent on the stores, salary for the store staff, models and so on and honestly they don't have half the profit low quality things like lets say berska, stradivarius, primark and so on have, yeah sure big brands like AP and Baby are probably not having too much trouble since they are currently very popular but i think thats about it, as a person that honestly loves lolita fashion for its general concept, look and originality it makes me really mad not to be able to buy from stores and some pieces that i think are true works of art because of ridiculously high customes fees. Sure i can use a SS and i usually do but it still increases the value enough and i still have to pay customs many times . As someone that dreams of making a lolita brand with my own designs i think most people with the same dream are aware of the costs of having "brand quality" in lolita, it is expensive, very expensive, and if you try doing that on a small brand it will probably end up more expensive than japanese brand costs because labour in small amounts is more costy, so yeah i really admire brands and everyone that starts they're own brands and i'd love to support them everytime i can but many times i don't because I already have to count pennys to buy second hand and that 20% more that getting a SS ends up costing (lets say 10% fee + more fees like pp bank internal shipping and so on) makes a big difference for me, plus i have to count on more 23% customs so it makes it very unlikely for me to buy new from store anything unless it's christmas or my bithday lol (both in case of the LP, and i'll still have to use a Credit cart and sell some stuff that i don't like to afford them), i know i'm not alone on having all this problems i'd just like to hear other lolitas opinions and experiences on the matter since i'm currently rather frustrated lol

I'm sorry for any typos and gramatical mistakes i may have written, i'm not a native english speaker and i'm terrebly absent minded lol
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