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2013 wardrobe post

My first wardrobe post yay~
I've been collecting lolita clothing for a year and I'm pretty happy with my wardrobe right now, there is only 1-2 items that I'm still looking for.

Let's start!:

Juliette et Justie - Féerie JSK and La bibliotheque OP

Juliette et Justie - Amour d'amants and Carte de la vérité JSK

Mary Magdalene - Ekaterina OP and Juliette et Justine - Baiser de l'ange JSK

Mary Magdalene - Rote Rose, velvet and cotton version OP

Innocent World - Rose Stained Glass and Alice and the Pirates - St. Mephisto Cathédrale JSK

Angelic Pretty - Twinkle Ornament skirt and JSK

Lief - Sacred Night JSK

Lief - Sacred Night JSK and Moi Meme Moitie - Silent Moon OP

Angelic Pretty - Sailor cutsew OP

Alice and the Pirates bolero, Excentrique jacket, Innocent World lace cutsew, Moi Meme Moitie chiffon blouse.

Juliette et Justine - La jupe du château and Alice and the Pirates - End of immortal Eden skirt

Mary Magdalene coat

Alice and the Pirates - treasure chest bag. Innocent World - antique book bag
Left: Innocent World headbows
Middle: Angelic Pretty - Royal chocolate headbow and melty chocolate headband. Btssb chocolate headband.
offbrand cat ears headband. Innocent World velvet hair bows
Right: Angelic Pretty beret. Wrist cuffs from Angelic Pretty and Innocent World.

Angelic Pretty key and chess necklaces. Kuma Crafts Sailor Moon necklace. 6%DOKIDOKI heart necklace and star clip.
Angelic Pretty - eat me ring. Pilgrim crown necklace.

Back: Vivienne Westwood winged melissa shoes
Middle: LizLisa boots, offbrand, LizLisa
Front: Vivienne Westwood low strap shoes, IamI cat shoes.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: theme: january
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