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Updated wardrobe post! Mostly black, white and blue

My closet with closed doors where you can see the pictures of lolitas that I have on it, and open where you can see my clothes!

I have uploaded all my clothes on flickr and you can see them here'll show some of them here as well but to see all 98 of my items you'll have to go there! :)

Thou I haven't taken any pictures of my socks or stockings (I mostly use stockings) or hair accesories.

Coats  I have acquired quite a lot of these! Coats are my favorite part of lolita :)

2012-01-07 11.58.56
Bodyline wintercoat

long wintercoat
Black long coat that I got at a secondhand shop

2012-01-07 11.45.03
Simple spring/fall coat from H&M

2012-01-07 11.55.48
Bodyline wintercoat

2012-01-07 11.48.29
Another long black secondhand coat

Bodyline wintercoat
Bodyline wintercoat

Aristocrat coat, varm and great quality and I got it for just 180 euros at a streetmarket
Aristocrat coat, varm and great quality and I got it for just 180 euros at a streetmarket!

A spring/fall coat that I've made, all the buttons aren't on yet in the picture
A grey spring/fall coat that I've made, all the buttons aren't on yet in the picture

Skirts are my second favorite!
A bodyline skirt that I tried to color blue
It's from bodyline but I have dyed it with blue color

Bodyline hightwaist skirt
Bodyline black highwaist skirt

A strapless JSK that I made
Strapless dress that I have made

A circleskirt that I have made
And a circle skirt in the same fabric

2012-01-07 12.35.09
Selfmade skirt

2012-01-07 12.34.04
Selfmade skirt from IKEA fabric

2012-01-07 12.32.32
Corset skirt from Bodyline, my first bought lolita item! I don't understand why it's not more popular, it's a real corset and has beautiful high quality fabric!

2012-01-07 12.31.57
Bodyline corsetskirt

2012-01-07 12.30.02
Selfmade highwaist skirt, it's secured with red yarn at the bottom

A bodylina dress that I colored blue
Bodyline flower dress that I colored blue

Bodyline JSK
Bodyline dress

Btssb JSK
Btssb dress

Bodyline JSK
Bodyline alice dress

Odd Molly OP
Odd Molly dress

2012-01-07 12.39.43
Cornett/Shot gun wedding dress

2012-01-07 12.09.05
Selfmade cutsew, I'm very proud of it I didn't have a pattern while making it and it turned out perfectly perfect

2012-01-07 12.17.38
Bodyline IW replicas

This is the same as the white one but I have colored it now
Simple bluse that I dyed blue

Metamorphose and Aatp t-shirts

2012-01-07 13.57.51

2012-01-07 13.54.53

very used RHS from montreal
Very well used RHS from montreal

RHS from montreal, for sale

Metamorphose shoes, for sale
Metamorphose with detachable details, they are for sale

Go to to see the rest!

Bonus picture of my sowing space!
2012-12-10 19.52.58
I find it much easier to work on the floor than on a table cause it doesn't get as crowded.
I have my strapless dress just finished in the left and the floral one out for inspiration and the green pieces on the floor are  patterns and the black pieces are the top of a dress I'm working on, and on the computer I have a folder with skirts open for ideas on how I'm going to make the details mine :)
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