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Annual Lolita stocktaking - 2013

Phew... done! This one is my favorite theme. I love seeing what the other Lolitas got in their closets but also seeing what happend to my closet during the last year... and it happened A LOT!!
Here's the one from the last year.

I skipped the blouses because it's hard to take good pics with my camera when the stuff is all white or all black. But there was enough other stuff ^^"


Angelic Pretty
Chandelier * Lady Rose * Chess Chocolate * Rose Toilette * Little Birds Symphonia

Angelic Pretty
Lady Rose * Rose Princess Doll '09 * Humming Fleur * Lady Rose * Rose Princess Doll '08

Alice and the Pirates
End of Immortal Eden * Maria * Black Cat... * Vampire Prelude

Caterina * Diana Chiffon * Diana Chiffon

Metamorphose & Baby the stars shine bright
Crown Bouquet * unknown (?) * Rose Candle * Velveteen Royal Antique

Milk * Atelier Pierrot - Shadow * Victorian Maiden - Victorian Queen


SS * AP * AP * MMM * SS * Meta * Meta * unknown * Chantilly

SS * SS * AP * AP * AP * Meta * AATP * SS * IW * AP * Chantilly
waiting for sheer Baby socks (left at the bottom) and AAT Vampire Prelude OTKs


from top left to bottom right:
SS * Seasons * SS * Custom House * Custom House * AP
Melissa x VW * Lovely Shoes * Lovely Shoes * Liz Lisa Taobao * SS * Custom House


Taobao * Angelic Pretty
Bonnet, Headbow and black Alice band: AP
Red Rose Corsage and blue alice band: taobao
ribbons: Meta

mixed: Angelic Pretty * TaoBao * handmade * AATP * Meta

Forgot them in the matching pics: All Amgelic Pretty's Little Birds Symphonia


Mixed offbrand, Meta and Angelic Pretty


Mixed Angelic Pretty, Baby, Meta and some Taobao Brands like Loris

That's it... I think I spent way too much money on Lolita in 2012 but I love it so much ♥

Thanks for looking, comments are always appreciated ^_^

Tags: community: wardrobe post, theme: january

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