clarinetmonster (clarinetmonster) wrote in egl,

Infanta sizing?

Hello! This is my first time posting here!

I'm curious about custom sizing from Infanta. I've totally fallen in love with Dolly House! I love the JSK, OP, and skirt, but my only problem is that they will all be way too short! I'm 6'1'' (yikes, I know), and for a dress, 100-105 cm will be around my knee length. I would need about 10 cm added for it to fit.

What I'm wondering is: does anyone know if it will be possible to get the length extended, or better yet: has anyone gotten extended sizing for this? Or am I out of luck for this lovely print

Thanks for helping me! I'm still a fairly new Lolita and I don't know a ton about Taobao.

Tags: !how do i tag this, *infanta, request: information

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