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Bunny's Mostly Sweet, Mostly AP Wardrobe (image heavy!)

wardrobe copy
Welcome to my Wardrobe at the end of 2012!

I was so excited and prepared this year for wardrobe posts,
I took these pictures at the end of December to fully catalogue my entire wardrobe.  

It's not huge but I think I have done well since I have only been buying brand for almost exactly 1.5 years
(though I got into lolita in 2003). A look at some of these items worn can be found in my posts on D_L

I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed collecting!

Here is a link to my post from LAST YEAR


wardrobe 001
~Milky chan purse from AP and pink parasol/umbrella from BTSSB~

wardrobe 002
~AP pouchette, offbrand rose purse, and replica coffin bag (I think the original was AATP)~

wardrobe 003
~Hand-altered bear bag and Hello Kitty backpack~

wardrobe 004
~Long-sleeved offbrand blouses~

wardrobe 006
~Brand blouses: Bodyline, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose~

wardrobe 007
~WIGS! I have a long curly brown one on the way.
From left to right: Arda, Taobao, Lockshop, Arda, Mintimix (ignore the horns its for a JetJ coord)~

wardrobe 009
~Headbows: Sugary Carnival in Pink and Chess Chocolate in Ivory by AP, Snow Queen in Sax by BTSSB, Twinkle Carnival in Black,
Memorial Cake in Sax, Sugary Carnival in Lavender, and Milky Chan in Brown by AP~

wardrobe 010
~Maybe the best thing I ever made, hand-crafted velvet hard half-bonnet~

wardrobe 011
~Socks! Mostly AP, some Meta and IW~

wardrobe 012
~Wristcuffs, bloomers, and gloves!~

wardrobe 013
~Color coordinated accessories! Mostly chocomint and offbrand/handmade~

wardrobe 014
~Necklaces! Looking at these I think I should buy more.
From Left to Right: Ebay, Ciali, Meta, Swimer, AP Brooch, and Ebay~

wardrobe 015
wardrobe 016
~Shoes! Bodyline, AnTaiNa, eBay, Secret Shop, Bodyline, Taobao, Demonia (altered by me) and AnTaiNa~

wardrobe 017
~Closet shot!~

wardrobe 020
~Meta wool coat~

wardrobe 021
~Angelic Pretty salopette, comes with shorts too~

wardrobe 022
~Jewelry Jelly OP in Mint by AP~

wardrobe 023
~MaCherie JSK in Ivory by BTSSB~

wardrobe 024
~Snow Queen OP in Sax by BTSSB~

wardrobe 025
~Twinkle Carnival in Black by AP~

wardrobe 026
~Chess Chocolate Ivory OP by AP~

wardrobe 027
~Dessert Collection OP in Sax by AP~

wardrobe 028
~Chocolat a la Mode JSK by BTSSB in Brown/Navy~

wardrobe 029
~Dreamy Dollhouse Round JSK in Lavender by AP~

wardrobe 030
~Decoration Dream Apron Skirt in Cream by AP~

wardrobe 031
~Milky Chan OP in Brown by AP, the dress which took me the longest to find~

wardrobe 032
~Sugary Carnival OP in Pink by AP, 2nd release~

maria annunciation cross op JetJ
~In the mail: Maria Annunciation Cross OP in Blue by JetJ~

~Queen Marie OP in Black by AatP, I forgot to take a picture of this one somehow so have a worn photo~

~The Infanta Christmas dress which I still haven't received yet...~

kradlanrete 012
~Mozarabic Chant JSK in Peacock by Krad Lanrete (Taobao) which doesn't fit on my dress form

wardrobe 035
~And lastly, the dress I hope will sell soon my only piece by Innocent World,
the Flat Ribbon Collar OP in black~
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