snowdrop_angel (snowdrop_angel) wrote in egl,

Hello~ <3

Greetings, everyone.  I am a fledgling lolita who is looking to make her first big purchase of lolita clothing, that I may hope to wear the clothing everyday or at least most days.  I joined this community several months ago, but refrained from posting because I wanted to do as much research as possible using the wonderful resources provided here, and have slowly been pulling options together.  So, I wanted to ask, what would all of you recommend for the best places for a beginner to purchase from?  I'd rather not buy brand at the moment, even though I've been considering those options as well. Primary I had been considering Qutieland, Fanplusfriend, Anna House, and possibly a TaoBao shopping service, based both on reviews I've read throughout this community and online and from my own perusals of the sites themselves.  I'm looking to spend quite a bit of money, and possibly to get the most bang for my buck, and am not sure if I should purchase everything from the same website, or if I should spread it out a bit, but I would very much like to have the input of wiser and more experienced lolitas, and would greatly appreciate any advice that anyone can give me~ :)
Tags: ordering: misc questions, request: information
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