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IW Lucky Pack B opening

So a few days ago my lucky pack from IW  arrived. It is my first Lucky Pack ever and I was very excited. This is what I got.

Sorry for the horrible photos all I have for a camera is my phone.

First is a Ribbon and Pearl camisole. It is very pretty and would look nice with a bolero I think. I love the lace (standard for IW haha)
Haven't found the name of this jsk yet but it is my favorite of the bunch!
I needed a blouse but was hoping for a black one. This blouse is lovely though and fits perfectly.
The one thing in my pack I'm not crazy about. Bouquet Doll OP in brown x beige in what I assume is the large size. It doesn't suit me at all. I will be selling this one.
Flocky Tulle jsk. Very pretty but I'll have to wear a belt with it since babydolls make me look like a boob monster haha. I hope a belt will help because I love this jsk.
Musette Skirt. It's cute but not something I would ever choose to buy. That said, I do think its adorable and I am happy to have it.
Rose Panel 2 way jsk. Also something I would never choose to buy on my own but with the straps removed I like it quite a bit.
Delft Lotta socks. Not sure what to wear these with but they are cute.
Musette Bustier. Goes with the skirt. I think I can use it for other things and it's very cute!
All in all I am happy with what I got and I am excited to use my own items.

For those interested, this is a video of me opening the pack with some friends. None of them are into the fashion but I find their comments interesting.

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