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When Dreams Come True (Contest)

LolitaDesu has once again started a new contest and this time everyone can join in!~ ♥

How to enter:

1. Make a collage of your Lolita Wishlist items.

This can be done using Polyvore, Photobucket or the like. If you are not quite used to using these programs, you can also make a list of pictures of your Lolita dream items and we will make a simple collage for you.

2. Send the picture, file or link to

Remember to include the name you want us to use for you, a small text for us to write beside your photo and your wishlist's title (Example: 'My favorite items', 'Carolineˈs Wishlist', etc.). If you do not add a title, the default title will be 'YourChosenName's Wishlist'.

The stuff in between:

After you have submitted your wishlist, we will be adding it along with your chosen name, the title of the wishlist and the text you chose to the folder ‘When Dreams Come True’ in our Facebook page. From there on, the voting and sharing will begin.

Prizes & winning:

The contest will end the 15th of January (Tokyo time) and the winner will be announced the 16th.

The top 3 collages (calculated by likes + shares) will be reviewed by the LolitaDesu Team and we will then choose a winner.

The prize will be an item from your Lolita Wishlist. (We choose which item. If we are unable to obtain this within what we deem to be a reasonable time- and prizeframe, the prize will be a 100$ coupon for LolitaDesu).


1. Several submissions are allowed.

2. It is completely your choice how your wishlist is organized – by theme, by style, by set or all mixed together – everything goes! ()/

We hope you will enjoy the contest and have lots of fun! \(^^)(^^)

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