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Are all Men pedophiles? Do you find the film clip more insulting than the poster? (clip inside)

A while ago we were brought to our attention the documentary "Are all Men pedophiles?". While the subject may or may not interest everyone on a personal educational level, what really threw us off was the use of a lolita on one of their movie posters.

It has been a while now and one can easily find the film online (much to the dismay of the filmmaker who charges $30 for the 70 minute DVD). I took on the film maker's offer to watch the film and not make "wild assumptions". I have picked out and uploaded the "section about Japanese culture" that the film maker said is the reason why there is a lolita on one of the posters. Unlike other sections of the film that study the subjects of The Church, US fashion/model industry and so on, the section on Japan is... one minute long. Does he offer enough information about the subject in that minute?

Here is the clip

Now just for a quick update here was the film makers response to our protest of the use of the lolita on the poster:

“The documentary does not offend Lolita nor does it compare it to
pedophilia. Wild assumptions about what pedophilia is or isn’t is why
the documentary was made in the first place.

The reason why we choose Lolita is because in the film we do a section about Japanese culture.”

Frankly there are many things wrong here. The filmmaker seems to forget the power of suggestion. While he doesn't outright say that lolita is a fetish fashion aimed at lolicon, nor does he try to clarify that there are other fashion styles (talking about lolita here) that fall victim to lolicon. Seeing as there are only three images given to accompany the narrative about lolicon it is easy for the average American (or English speaking viewer) to think that lolita = lolicon. You can also call on the fact that he does not show a real (japanese) lolita or any real interaction with them, just HIS model in HIS studio. He could be making everything up for all the viewer knows. He doesn't even go and explain the simple definition OF lolicon which means "lolita complex". That would also require a back story on the word/name lolita based on the book. If lolicon was such a "wide spread cultural phenomena" as the film maker says than why would the Japanese try to make laws for it?

It's one thing to draw in viewers with an image of a lolita and associate it with pedophiles, because he could have very well pointed out the real information and contravery surrounding the fashion. But it is clear in this short clip that the film maker has no clue what lolita is about and what the average Japanese man likes/behaves. HE makes "wild assumptions" and creates an image to the uninformed viewer that lolita IS a fetish fashion.

I think that is far more insulting than the poster.

Also this movie has won some sort of award. OUCH
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