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WIGS: Questions on display / storage, wig caps, etc.

Long time lolita here, coming out of the woodwork with my first post to the community...

I just bought my first wigs for several Christmas events I have and will attend this month.
Here's a small pic of one of my outfits I took the morning after a friend's LA event, Victorian Gothic Christmas.

Anyway... I am quite pleased with this particular wig (it's the Rhapsody from GLW if you are curious) and believe I am developing a slight obsession.  So I have a few questions to wig owners:

1)  If you have naturally long hair, how do you secure it all under the wig cap?  Do you tie it first?  I'm trying to combat the lumpy scalp issue.
2)  The wig pictured above pressed on the back of my ears (where my glasses secure).  I kept having to adjust it.  What am I doing wrong that makes the wig fit that way?
3)  I have foam wig heads.  I would like to display my wigs, but they are quite long.  I've seen some examples of displayed wigs in last month's Lolita Rooms theme, but I'm wondering how wig owners display or store their long wigs.  Also, since I am keeping the wigs out, how do you prevent dust?

And anything else you'd like to contribute as advice or suggestions to a fledging wig owner.  Many thanks in advance.
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