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Monthly theme post - Lolita rooms


Hey girls !

Since I moved earlier this week I thought I may be a good idea to post my room. It is not as lolita as most of the rooms posted here but I think that if you live with your boyfriend and he is not really into frills and so on it could give you ideas to lolify a room in subtle way!

Mine is really tiny and under the roof, that's why a lot of our furnitures are white to give the feeling to be in a bigger room.

View from the windows, I'm actually crafting curtains to make it looks nicer.

My Chantilly bonnet is part of the decoration and this bird is a gift from my boyfriend.

My jewelry box, my rabbit lamp and a postcard from Chantilly and one from the Tate picturing a preraphaelite painting.

All my necklaces on a child bust, my perfume, a perfumed candle, a Milk advertising featuring Amo (one of my fav japanese model) and the 3 Graces by Cranach (thank you card from le Louvres). The box on the back contains a wig.

Quick necklace shots

And now the room by night!

Same view as my first picture but with lights turned on!

My cute rabbit lamp *o*

With the lightened candle!

Tiny leds on the bed and again the candle.

I hope that you will like this room and thanks for reading!!
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