Eryn (エリンちゃん) (shuureii) wrote in egl,
Eryn (エリンちゃん)

My Bodyline Shipment is Going in Circles!

Hello, everyone!

I realize that there have been several posts regarding Bodyline shipping over the past couple of months, however, my situation is a tad different.

I placed an order (a coat) with Bodyline on October 30th. I received my tracking number for this order on October 31st, and hadn't seen a tracking update since November 8th. Even though I did select the air shipping option, I was growing a tad weary that the tracking number wasn't showing any updates for a couple of weeks. However, when I checked the number today, I noticed that my package was sent back to Japan. Augh!


So, what I wanted to ask everyone is if this, possibly, has ever happened to one of you. This has never happened to me before, so, of course, I'm worried. Why would it have been sent back to Japan, after leaving Japan once already? If this has happened to you, did you have to do anything other than contact the seller? I've already contacted Bodyline, but, in my experience, they take a ridiculously long time to respond to inquiries.

Also, I was never contacted about paying any fees due to customs, so I'm sure that isn't the reason why my package would have been turned around.

Advice of any sort would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you for reading my post!
Tags: *bodyline, ordering: shipping

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