tsukishiroaoba2 (tsukishiroaoba2) wrote in egl,

Closetchild payment question.

So, I got some problems here. Today, I tried to order from Closetchild. After I pressed the order, I accidentally payed it via Paypal. I didnt know I had to wait. I payed it like Bodyline. I mean, they haven't informed me about if they have the item or not. I felt a bit stupid of myself about not reading the English instructions because I knew how to read Japanese. but, now what should I do about it??? How do I contact Closetchild? I cant find any email address that I can contact on that page...
Im realising that Im doing something stupid here....
If they had the item, would they know that I paied it and only charge me shipping? and If they dont have it anymore, would they refund me???

Need help, and am very anxious about what happened.


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