bunihime (bunihime) wrote in egl,

Help! Coordinate advice/ lolita question

Hello fellow frilly adventurers!
Today I come to you in need of your guidance. OTL
I recently obtained two dresses and the way they are cut is a bit weird.
My hands are at my natural waist in the first pic.
I am not sure how/ if i could find a lolitable belt to belt these in or if it is a good idea to begin with.
I know there are plenty of elastic belts but are those really lolita appropriate?
If not any suggestions on how to wear it/ drop the waist? (I have access to a sewing machine if that helps!)
Thanks for looking!
P.S. Any pictures of these dresses in a coord would be awesome too! Please share <3!
Tags: *dream of lolita, discussion: altering brand, discussion: misc, request: information, request: photos, sewing: help/questions

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