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PayPal Limitation help?

Hi, Ladies!

I'm sorry if this is not relevant to EGL, but I feel that most of you lolis who have experienced selling and buying things via PayPal may have a knowledge about this, and I don't know any place better to ask >_<.

Yesterday, I got a payment on my PayPal for my first sales. I usually use my account for buying stuffs from websites (brand sites, taobao, etc) but had never really buy anything from the comm sales (same goes for sales). But immediately after I accepted the payment, PayPal limited my account. For your note, I cancelled the first invoice because the buyer was unable to pay for it because of some technical problems, and send the second invoice (she paid the second invoice afterwards). After some googling it may be because there's a sudden input of money on my account while it had never been used for sales. I was required to upload invoice, and proof of shipping. I've uploaded the screencap of my invoice, but I don't know how should I input my proof of shipping on PayPal.

After I clicked 'Resolve' on the 'Provide Proof of Shipping' option, there's some kind of table and it seems that I should be filling it with the datas required, but somehow I am unable to fill that table since there's nothing to fill in. Here's the screencap:

I can't fill in ANY of those required and it confuses me how should I provide proof of shipping then. Should I email them via the 'Contact Us' field with the required datas? Or do you have other answers? An extra question, since I'm a private seller, is the screencap of my PayPal invoice is enough to resolve the 'Provide Invoice' problem? Please help me. I am still new and learning about PayPal, so this left me very nervous and confused since I need the money for my college expenses.

Thank you for your help. ;__;

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