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Japanese Mom Rages Against Lolita Teacher

I have a friend on mixi who was discussing a controversial question asked on Oshiete!Goo (goo's, a Japanese search engine, version of Yahoo!Answers), so I decided to translate it for this comm since it's pretty relevant.

Keep in mind this is just one person's opinion and/or could just be a troll, but I thought it would be fun to share and discuss.
I checked the mom's profile but there's no information about where in Japan this is, but it sounds like a small town.

I kept the original formatting and use of the word "gothloli" as it is still used widely in Japanese. I'm still learning Japanese so I might have some nuances wrong so please correct me if anything is off.

Link to original page: http://oshiete.goo.ne.jp/qa/7734012.html?pg=0&isShow=open


My daughter’s teacher wears gothic lolita fashion.

Good evening, this is my first question. I’m the mother of a 5th grader in elementary school.

The other day I was out shopping in town with my daughter on a day off.
On the other side of the street we saw a girl wearing pink, frilly clothing.
Since it was my first time seeing a gothloli girl, I stared for a while, wondering how her parents would feel about her wearing it and how I wouldn’t want my daughter to, and I had a sudden realization…
No doubt about it, this was my daughter’s teacher.

I was totally shocked. I’d seen her at school wearing simple clothing like jeans and polos or t-shirts, or sometimes more formal knit ensembles and flared skirts for parents’ night or home visits, but I could never have guessed she was into such weird hobbies…
My daughter finds her classes easy to understand, she enjoys school, and she says the way her teacher reads books out loud to the class is really fun, so I thought she was a great teacher… but I was fooled.
As a teacher you are supposed to be a vehicle for guidance and growth so I cannot simply overlook her going around in that manner.
Isn’t it embarrassing at such an age to still want to wear ridiculously large bows and poofed up skirts…?
Teachers are supposed to reinforce societal norms so I can’t help but wonder how she can do that if she lacks the ability to recognize them herself. Recently I hear about all these hentai [pervert] teachers in the news, too.

Today I had a casual conversation with her and afterwards I mentioned “Hey, didn’t I see you at ___?” and she replied “Yes I was there! Were you there too? Sorry I didn’t see you.” without any sense of hesitation.
Normally, I would think one would be embarrassed and apologize, right?
I want to complain to the school but I don’t want my daughter to receive unfair treatment.
What’s the best way to word my complaint so my daughter won’t be treated unfairly?
Please lend me your knowledge.

The teacher is in her mid-20s, and if I can say something nice about her, gothloli doesn’t match her traditionally Japanese, Heian-era doll-like beauty.


There are a lot of responses to this question which I won't bother to translate since I'm lazy and I'd like to hear your reactions!

EDIT: zerii kindly posted many translations of the comments! Thank you! Scroll down in the post to read them.

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