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L-email Rhapsody wig VS. Gothic Lolita Wigs Rhapsody collection


Hi everyone! It's me, Shelby! Hope you’re having a nice Fall season.
I know there’s been a lot of talk lately about L-email wigs, and Gothic Lolita Wigs, so I thought I’d offer a review and side by side comparison.

I’m here with a review on two nice wigs, one from l-email, and one from Gothic Lolita Wigs. I know there’s been a lot of talk recently about the similarity of these two wigs, and them possibly being from the same supplier. So seeing as I now own one of each, I thought I’d offer a review for comparison.

And first off, let me say, I have no affilliation with either of these companies! I’m a neutral buyer here, and I’m just interested in getting good quality wigs for a fair price.
Also, my qualifications! Over the past five years I’ve bought wigs and extensions from many, many different shops online, I’ve seen many different types of fibers, and worked with them in person. I have a lot of experience with wigs, so I hope I’m a trustworthy source of a neutral review.

L-email Rhapsody wig

The first wig I purchased was a l-email wig. You can find them on eBay:, and also they have a website here:

Here is the stock photo of the wig I ordered:

lemail wig

And here is the wig I received:



It arrived pretty quickly considering it came from China. It only took ten days from the date of purchase to arrive. The total cost including shipping was $29.98 usd, with tracking included.. Not too bad. It’s a nice thick wig, and the base seems well made. The bangs are long enough to trim to fit most anyone, and they also sent a free mesh wig cap, which is nice. It’s very long, so you can do a lot with it style wise, like braiding, etc.

The wig is a LOT more yellowish in person than it looked in stock photos. One of the stock photos was the same as the photo on the glw website, and this one shows lighter colored ends on the wig. The wig is not a fade to a lighter color in person. It’s very thick, but the fibers are really heavy, which on a longer wig makes it harder to wear for long periods of time. It also doesn’t have a lot of volume at the crown of the wig, there is more poof and volume on the ends. The wig is also almost too long I think, I might cut it because it looks kind of strangely long, and covers up a lot of any outfit I’m wearing. I’ve worn it once, and it did lose some excess fiber.

Final rating:
Shipping: 4.5/5 Nicely packaged, and arrived quickly considering where it came from.
Communication: n/a I didn’t have a reason to have to contact them regarding my purchase. (Although I purchased from them again, and when I received the wrong wig, they quickly responded and are sending me another.)
Quality: 3.5/5 It’s definitely a nice wig, but it is a little on the shiny side. It tends to shed a bit more than some other wigs I have as well. It’s not heat resistant, so it’s not as easy to restyle. There were also a couple of threads left in the wig that I had to trim out, but no big deal

Overall I was definitely pleased for the amount of money I spent on this wig.

2.Gothic Lolita Wigs Rhapsody wig

The second wig I purchased was a Rhapsody wig from I have purchased one wig from there in the past, but that was about three years ago, so I was interested to try them again.

Here is the stock photo of the wig I ordered:

glw rhapsody

And here is the wig I received:




It arrived very quickly. It only took three days before it was in my mailbox. I was really happy with that. It was packaged nicely and came with a nylon wig cap. The wig is really voluminous, starting from more up at the crown. It has a little tiny bit of shine to it, but the fibers are mostly matte, and fairly soft. The wig cap is sturdy and well made, the hair seems to be sewn in very securely, which means less shedding in the future, and the bangs are longer to allow for a little trimming. The thing I like most about this wig is that the lavender color fades to a white at the ends. Even the bangs have this slight color fade, and it looks really cool. It’s also very puffy but lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh down on my scalp as much. The wig is also supposed to be low heat resistant, but I haven’t yet tried heat on it.

Shipping was quick, but there was no tracking number or email notification of shipment. That doesn’t bother me though, since it was domestic, and arrived so quickly. It would have been nice to have a message once it shipped though. The price was also much more expensive at $64.00 usd (shipping included). So it was kind of pricey.

Final Rating:
Shipping: 4.5/5 Arrived very quickly, packaged nicely in a bubble envelope, with nylon wig cap
Commnication: n/a I didn’t have any trouble with my order, so no need to contact glw
Quality: 4/5 A tiny bit shiny, but the fibers are nice, the color is just as pictured(including fade to lighter color), very well made and heat resistant.

Overall, I’m very happy with this wig. The color is gorgeous and I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.

I know theres been a lot of talk about these possibly being the same wigs, since the eBay site has some of the same photos as the Gothic Lolita Wigs website, and the styles are so similar. So I thought it might be helpful to offer a side by side comparison and review:

Here are the two wigs pictured side by side. The L-mail wig is about six or seven inches longer than the glw one. The L-email wig also doesn’t have a fade to a lighter blonde, as the glw one does.


Also, you can see that the L-mail wig has more volume throughout the wig, and the glw one has more volume towards the top.


Here are the insides of the two wigs, and they’re slightly different.


The crimp, or kink in the glw wig is tighter than that of the L-email wig.



Also, the crimp on the L-Email wig stops about four inches from the ends, whereas the glw one crimps all the way down.


So, in conclusion, both of these are nice wigs that I’ll get lots of wear out of, but they’re not the same wig. There is a difference in the wig cap, fibers, length, bangs, etc. Enough to make me decide that they’re not the same.

Thanks again, and I hope this was a helpful review! Any questions, ask away!

ps: sorry for the dark pictures, it's so gloomy out today, there wasn't very much light coming through the window, and I wanted to use natural lighting to show the wigs as acurately as possible :(


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