Lump Lingered (milkteamilk) wrote in egl,
Lump Lingered

ATTN: Those who've sold to Maikodolly

If anyone has sold anything to maikodolly, please be on the lookout for charge backs from PayPal. According to paypal her card was deemed fraudulent an charge backs are being made on dresses she bought over the summer, including those bought via sending money as a gift.

If a charge back has been made, please get in contact with PayPal as soon as possible. Provide them with as much proof as you can that you legitimately sold her an item and she received it, including screen shots of the sale happening in your sales post, any feedback, or comments she may have left you saying she received the item, and shipping receipts or tracking/confirmation numbers.

List of sellers experiencing charge backs from maikodolly:
evedestroys (fixed)
buttcape (fixed)
animerei (fixed)
alyssiumbaby (fixed)
jola (fixed)

If you have also experienced a charge back from something you sold maikodolly, please comment and let us know! Please include whether or not PayPal has refunded you. If you have sold her something in the past, but have not experienced a charge back, please be prepared just in case. Don't panic, just do the above suggestions such as make as many screen caps as you can that she received her item or find shipping proof if you still have it.

For future sales, please consider keeping all proof of shipment for an extended amount of time, including longer than the 45 days paypal allows for dispute, as these charge backs happened months after the fact, and please do not send or request payments as gifts unless you absolutely trust the person you are buying/selling from. Gift payments make it easier for the seller to make off with your money because PayPal does not recognize it as a business transaction taking place, and people who maikodolly have her send her payment as a gift are finding it difficult to get their money back from paypal, and might be in danger of being penalized for going against their terms, in addition to not being able to get their money back.

See this previous post for more information on the situation! At this time, we cannot be sure if this is an active scam, or an unfortunate problem with her credit card, but please do what you can to get your money back  from paypal.

UPDATE: Please refer to this comment. However, please continue to work with PayPal to get your money back, as PayPal should be the safer long-term fix.

UPDATE 2: According to our sources, authorities have confirmed that it was indeed a mistake with her credit card company, if you have experienced a charge back please get in contact with maikodolly to let her know, and, again, please continue to work with paypal to get your money back. If you have received your money back, or if you have not, please message me or one of the mods so we can keep track!

FINAL UPDATE FOR THIS POST: This is an old post that people have ceased to read and comment on, we do not update old posts to reflect current situations, please keep updated on the situation by referring to the current sticky or any other current posts about this.

Tags: !mod post, !scam alert/possible scam
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